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I live in a medium-sized village in Bedfordshire which was selected last year by BT as a proof of concept test for delivering FTTH to “remote” locations, though truthfully, we are not that remote. They started installing fibre infrastructure before COVID struck, and AFAIK FTTH is available everywhere here, regardless of whether your services are currently delivered by traditional telegraph pole or in the case of newer properties,  by underground connection.


Does TalkTalk have any plans to take advantage of BTs fibre infrastructure, in my (& similar FTTH-Ready) locations?


We are only one of many  such village locations across the UK taking part in the project and it would make sense for TalkTalk to pair with BT , who are pushing forward with fibre everywhere feasible, rather than an obscure 3rd party’s fibre network , who are probably going to be restricted  to urban areas where they can more easily install cabling and obtain wayleaves, which BT already have in place.

What do you think?
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Team Player

Now overtaken by events as TalkTalk have done a deal with Openreach,  of course and now offer FTTP to every property here though without the option of plugging in a landline to the modem.