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How about this: Don't sent customers looking for technical support to a public forum!

Submitted by bbrummitt 10-01-2019 | 5 Comments

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How about this: Don't sent customers looking for technical support to a public forum!


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Community Team - TT Staff
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@bbrummitt Hi, this Community is used for public help/support requests. We just ask that no customers post any personal information directly in the public post and add this information to your profile/private notes section only. Please can you create a new post in our Support section and we'd be happy to help 🙂 Thanks


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Hi....Actually. No, that was an inappropriate reply, not an inappropriate comment to start with.


TalkTalk doersn't seem to realise that it is actually quite disgraceful that their idea of "help and support" re technical issues and faults is just to refer those needing help to the community and/or to irrelevant online articles (which might include relevant words like "fault" and/or "report" anywhere in the text), rather than bothering to actually facilitate the technical help and/or fault fixing needed. 


When something is disgraceful and inadequate and an abnegation of responsibility, then something should be done about it. And sending unfortunate customers round and round in circles re the completely irrelevant and inappropriaste is an abuse that should absolutely be stopped!

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I find the talktalk community forum excellent when I do not need immediate response. I also find the help and support from my account enables me to 1. Live Chat 2. Post on the forum and 3. Call.


There is nothing stopping you picking up the phone / using the live help facility. 


Personally I fail to see how this is a challenge / issue. 

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OCE_Michelle perhaps you fail to see this from a customers perspective, access to a public forum is not what I'm paying for. I'll also add that I could see nothing hinting at a private side to this process. If this forum was just one option of many, it would be acceptable. But any other avenue we try for help will just redirect us here to this forum. You might as well not even have people on the phones or live chat.


From my perspective, I could see an issue with my service, and the company who has a responsibility to provide it asked me to detail it on a public forum for the world to read. I don't care if my private information remains hidden from the public, I still don't want to write about my problem for strangers to read and critique. It baffles me how you think this is acceptable.


I reluctantly came here after failing through phone calls and live chats. Not only are the representatives there sometimes rude (I had chats closed on me whilst I typed replies), they're simply incompetent. I contacted them multiple times to attempt to arrange/receive a software update on my router. It freezes up and needs restarting on a regular basis, and the port forwarding is basically broken. I believe because the firmware is still what was installed in the factory. I practically had to explain what firmware was to some of the "assistants" I spoke with. 

Sadly I never had my issue resolved and I decided it wasn't worth my time to pursue it further. I'll be leaving talk talk as soon as I can anyway, in the meantime I'll of course be telling anyone listening to avoid this company at all costs.


Job88 glad someone understands this. I think you described it perfectly.


jryan94's. I'm glad it's helping someone. However you made a point about "picking up the phone / using the live help facility". If you have an issue and use the live chat, or call them as you suggest. The representatives will do their very best to redirect you here to this forum. They're not at all technical. If you're lucky they'll pass you off to a foreign support team that will quite simply waste your time. I speak from experience here unfortunately. 

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I really do not see the challenge, talktalk is aligned with the market in that they provide a forum to discuss issues:

See BT Support Forum:

Sky Support Forum:

Plusnet Support Forum:

Virginmedia Support Forum:


Nobody is forcing a customer to use these forums, they offer a route of support which some people prefer (e.g. myself). I hope that posting here and getting a resolution may help others in future. For certain issues ie billing I pickup the phone, which I agree leaves a lot to be desired.