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There are many posts, dating back many years, requesting that the account holder be able to see and edit, via an online or downloadable file, the calls that are blocked . Many have received a good idea response by customers but no action by TT. Surely its not to hard for TT to allow us to be able to see what we have done. Its stored away somewhere in our individual account file / box, why not let us see it in full. My calls blocked list is nearing the 100 limit and i have not got the time to access the numbers one at a time as requested, to add them to the scam check and report page. Call safe response to new numbers would put off many of my callers by sounding like a spam site. Please give us the Freedom to see the Information we have stored in our account.

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@batteryman yes but might be more hard as talktalk does not own all the eripqmnt in the middle so and if they did might be better and also why do other isp not do something as then it would work as the middle stuff starting from ur master socket to  from green box to exchange is bt optec who own and managers it