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Live chat

Submitted by Jakewalters211 14-05-2020 | 9 Comments

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Have a live chat option would help with complaints and help customer get answers faster 

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Live chat

Have a live chat option would help with complaints and help customer get answers faster 

What do you think?
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It does @Jakewalters211, normally ....................


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 16.49.22.png

 .......... but at the moment, things around here ain't normal!




First Timer

The Hub keeps on flashing amber since powering on. I have done the reset already. I have unplugged and re-plugged into power source a couple of times, no luck. I have test socket, no dial tone. 😞


@Gabor1 u service might not be live yet if no dail tone the  no broadband as u need a full working phone line to have broadband.


@Jakewalters211 @Gabor1 talktalk are replaying on BT OPTEC who do the install at the exchange and green boxs if they need to visit u house then they will not as it is something bt optec are not doing while in c19


there is a chat but if u have no working broadband then i ask u not to use the chat on mobile data as can be high cost if it use all of ur data up.


if u can please wait for a reply from staff on the help side they will reply soon can be a few days to week.


if u can finish of ur profile with all the info  so when they get to ur topic they will be able to check and inform u of what is going on


BT optec have been delaying new installs started when we went into lock down.

First Timer

to talk talkbeen fully installed




connection guaranteed for 30 days Leaving talk talk is shocking in the digital age

First Timer

Haven’t  Been fully installed to talk talk 





@Paulmcglashan if u are trying to do it in c19 lock down then they whole isps have changed how they do things as even bt optec who do the work between on most isps at exchange and green box



First Timer

To cancel not too happy with service wasn’t installed from Day 1 priority customer that engineer Would be out in 48 I was Told That 2 Time

First Timer

Would be out 48 h


@Paulmcglashan if u have not already sorted in the help side in ur own topic then please do so as they staff will help with up-dates on what they have got logged on ur account.


but due to c19 new installs are being delayed by bt optec which is outside talk talks control 


as this is not a help side 


i see u have posted here but can not see what ur issue is full


if u would like to get help on ur service please post on that side or in that topic