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Instead of the OCE,s Community Stars and other members having to say to, usually `new members`, that If they want the help of the OCE,s with their reported problem that they need to fill in their Community Profile to get help, why not make it `compulsory` as part of the `Join Up` process.

What do you think?
Insightful One


I applaud the concept @I8this, but would it not be liable to make at least the one community star redundant, ha!


'If you want the support team to look into this for you TheHornedOne, it will help if you ensure your personal details are complete in your community profile, so that they can connect your community forum identity with your TalkTalk account and, then wait for them to respond.'






@TheHornedOne  Thank you for that kind comment. It is nice to know that there are members that appreciate my posts.

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I suggested this late last year during a conversation with @Lorrainef  and a host of other things and unsuprisingly despite promising to look into them absolutely nothing changed.


The reason I was given for not making it compulsory was that its a community forum and not just a support forum and so that would not work for non TalkTalk members who just wanted to say make a post in the lounge or ask a question about signing upto TalkTalk.


Thats fine but then why they cant make it so you can only post on certain parts of the forum unless you fully update your profile.

Support Team

Hello all, as explained at the time Nexster this was indeed the reason.  We are always looking at ways to improve the Community so no reason why we can't review this again.