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Submitted by TheHornedOne 21-07-2018 | 8 Comments

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Community Star

Hi TheHornedOne


Bluebell Wood.png


The bluebell wood is still there but there does now appear to be a grazing goat gobbling gleefully... is that the cause of the hunger for hyacinthoides non-scripta?

Enlightened One


@Gondolawrote: The bluebell wood is still there but .........




Ha, so it is Gondola ........ not somewhere I visit regularly, obviously.  Doh!

Community Star

Ha, the changes in Community artwork continue... Gorgeous grazing goat goes... Transmogrifies to terrifying tup!


  ...another change?

But just to let you know that as well as being able to change your avatar at any time from goat to tup to gnu, it was planned that members could also customise their profile page.  That particular feature hasn't yet been implemented but maybe; some day.

Community Team

@Gondola Thanks Gondola 🙂


Enlightened One


But why would you assume the animal in question to be male @Gondola?



Community Star

Good question R.  I assumed it was your alter ego!  Ha! If that's feminine that's ok by me. 

Enlightened One


It is not a question of secondary personality Gondola, rather a question of knowing ones sheep breeds - born out of living with a spinner.  I cite the Dorset Horn, and Jacob breeds in particular, both gender of which carry horns!


I'm not too rapt with the present avatars somewhat nondescript animation however, so I may need to work on applying a little St. Elmo's fire, ha!





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