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TalkTalk TV Multi Room

Submitted by fre55die | 26 Comments

Status: Accepted
  1. New ideas

  2. Investigating

  3. Accepted

  4. Delivered

Step 3 of 4

Multi room would be great. SKY NOW TV lets you have 4 devices. It has most of the catchup channels and 11 live channels on the entertainment pass. Could we get a multi-room service from TalkTalk. 

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TalkTalk TV Multi Room

Multi room would be great. SKY NOW TV lets you have 4 devices. It has most of the catchup channels and 11 live channels on the entertainment pass. Could we get a multi-room service from TalkTalk. 

What do you think?
Community Manager
Status changed to: New
Popular Poster

Agreed, would be good if we could get a multiroom service like you can with sky or virgin. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for the suggestion and support we've had for this idea, keep the likes coming, we've shared with our products team for further investigation. 

Wizz Kid

please please multi room

Wizz Kid

i think you at talk talk really do need to get this sorted this year as reading peoples veiws on similar topics people want a great service from talktalk at a very reasonable price and you at talktalk are failing in every aspect you really need to get with the 21st century before its to late as things now are moving at a rapid pace in technology and talktalk can not even offer multi room which is been going for at least 20 years and talktalk are ONLY JUST DISCUSSION  THE IDEA wakey wakey 

Conversation Starter

This would be amazing to have, I hope TalkTalk is able to deliver this!

Wizz Kid

im not holding my breath as they keep saying its to do with licencing laws so in my eyes TalkTalk just do not want to do it as its probally to hard for them to understand although multi room as i remember has been about for 20 odd years

First Timer

do the talktalk guys ever answer on here?  it's ok adding our voice, but i'm off to sky 'lock, stock and barrel' if they can't give me some form of reassurance.  With 3 kids, multiroom is not optional if i am going to pay for a service.


I have been told 'later this year' but is that with any confidence??  


Really want to stay with Talktalk, but won't when contract up if multiroom not available by then.

Community Star

You will see above that this is "investigating". I am not sure what you expect to see eventually to be honest, TalkTalk offering exactly the same level of service as Sky do at a lower cost? If you want multiroom you have your choice.

First Timer

Are you a TalkTalk employee?  


'Investigating' is somewhat vague.  So please explain what that means.....


They are investigating how to bring the solution?

They are investigating whether to bring the solution?

They know what the solution is but are unsure about when / how they might roll out (could need new hardware or software)?


Sky and TalkTalk provide different services, I am happy to have less channels and a different service interface but not to be without multiroom - if it is coming then great, if no chance in next 12 months then i'd rather know from TalkTalk