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Whizz Kid
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TT Community Page with Hidden Text/Link.....Why?


A very odd thing happened to me earlier on, so this is more of an "idea" message to the TalkTalk technicians who should look into it, although I'd like to hear back from any members who've experienced the same on their PC monitor, or anything similar on other pages (i.e. invisible text/links).


I can't remember what I clicked on before this "Access Denied - TalkTalk Community" page popped up, and it's never happened before now (although I only joined 10 days ago). This is the link for that page.....


Below, I hope to add 3 screenshots of the same image in order to clarify the problem of "invisible" text and link.


•  The first image is what showed when the page opened.

•  The second image is what showed after I'd highlighted the same area.

•  The third image is what showed after I'd switched on my "Dark is better for my eyes" app.


As you will see, the following text and link didn't show on the first image, but did on the other two.....


Click your browser's Back button to continue.


I'm just wondering if this quirk might be happening on other community pages, and that we can't see some relevant or important text/links on a normal white screen.....???


TT Access Denied.jpgTT Access Denied 2.jpgTT Access Denied 3.jpg

What do you think?
Whizz Kid

Hello, @derekross666 


Welcome to the club!! There are many members in it who all have at least one thing in common.....dissatisfaction with an ISP they're paying for, and whose promises of guaranteed quality and services doesn't reach the mark.


I only joined this forum four weeks ago, and have learnt a lot from reading many other members' posts, as I'm sure you will do too. Take your time, and don't forget that there's a PM (private message) facility for use as an option for general chat between members (see the envelope icon at top of your screen). Just pointing that out because the OCE's here are all very helpful, as well as extremely busy, so it's good to avoid filling their threads with irrelevant comments.


Not that your one here is, and that's why I'm replying to you, because I know what it's like to be a newbie and learning my way around here. Generally, it's a very friendly atmosphere, so I hope you enjoy your time here, as well as finding what you're looking for...;-)

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@Patricia55 no your right my post wasnt on topic, and thanks for the reply.