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Status: Investigating

How about the new firmware / software of the router allows to pick icons manually out of a larger selection than the ones already on offer, some of them are white, which cant be seen against the background of the webpage.


But when i was trying to (sad i know) change the names on my devices so i knew what they were i couldnt add things like, Laptop, PC, Amazon, Smart Device, Smart Plug, Lights, PS4 etc, rather just Computer, Audio/Visual, Gaming Console etc...


So i would like to suggest adding an  add Custom Name option that you can pick from manually adding icons too.


I understand some people may or may not agree, but i like to have these things the way i like them sorted lol

What do you think?
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Status changed to: Investigating
Support Team

@Johnross000  Thanks for your feedback and I'll pass your suggestion over to our Products Team for consideration. Thanks