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I reported  a fault with my set top box on 17/4/21. I was told to call back in an hour while an internet test was run. When i rung back I was told 'We're now closed'

My suggestion is that you provide a way of reporting faults and fixing them. 

You advertise on your website tat you are open 24 hours a day. This is clearly untrue. Meanwhile, I am left with a non-functioning set top box ( which was only replaced about 6 months ago).

Might I suggest that you take a course in customer service provision.


As it is, I am left with no means of knowing how or when to contact talktalk to resolve this issue.

A very poor result from talktalk. Customers want to talk to the company, notpost on your sa-called 'community' with no means of knowing whether you are interested in their problems.

I suppose the only answer is to switch to a provider who values their customer base, unlike talktalk.

What do you think?
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