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spam halting suggestions

Submitted by wow123 14-08-2020 | 18 Comments

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I keep getting spam from various subdomains of,

and there doesnt seem any way to stop them.


I forwarded them as spam to talktalk, but the emails keep coming through.


I think there should be a contact email address to report unstoppable spam,


with the webmail mailbox there doesnt seem to be a way to halt a particular domain 

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spam halting suggestions



I keep getting spam from various subdomains of,

and there doesnt seem any way to stop them.


I forwarded them as spam to talktalk, but the emails keep coming through.


I think there should be a contact email address to report unstoppable spam,


with the webmail mailbox there doesnt seem to be a way to halt a particular domain 

What do you think?
Chat Champion

You missed the point totally, you have all these tools to stop what 2% of spam, all that effort for NO result so if you think this is the solution sit down analyse what you are doing, what is the success rate and what can I do differently to get a higher success rate.


You walked the same path and failed, I've tried something and its a success as I have said before if you do not tell the domain names there is a spam problem how would you expect them to deal with it.


PLEASE, please come back and tell me how domains are going to stop spam if you don't tell them, how IP addresses that are being used to send spam will know, I think all those Talktalk customers would like to know this.


The domain names have terms and conditions and to them bulk unsolicited email is illegal its also against their terms and conditions and they with hosting sites will act on reports sent.


As Talktalk welcome spammers you will get more and more spam, spammers ride a coach and horses through your expensive ineffective spam filters and Talktalk just accept it.


And by the way I am not a community star but have been more successful at stopping spam than any of your advice that you have offered, so I have not wasted my time, the boots on the other foot how successful have you been, its a big fat zero because you cannot see what is before you.


You have not stop one spammer from sending Spam, all you have done is put the spam in a folder, you have not disrupted any spammers and that all amounts to a total waste of time and energy over what 10 years and just think if you had undertaken what I have done we might not have Spam today.


Spam is illegal, there are victims, Spam leads to Phishing attacks, Spam leads to scams, if you have this ostrich mentality, put it in the spam filter it will go away, you are not stopping the problem but providing pathways for other email attacks.







Community Star

canthespam wrote:...I am not a community star but have been more successful at stopping spam than any of your advice...

Jolly well done then. Clap for canthespam!  Did you miss the point that I don't get spam? Over the last 10 years spam traffic on the networks has been reduced from around 80% to 30%. But still global estimates are 100 billion spam emails sent every single day. And not one is targeted to me thankfully. I'm not happy that any TalkTalk customer should receive unsolicited mail so forgive me for sharing my advice that protects me from spam yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Chat Champion

Well done Community star you still have not answered the question which is the crux of the matter.


How do domain names and IP addresses know there is a spam problem, please tell all the Talktalk customers your answer.


A clue here is a question has been asked, to understand a problem you need to know an answer, no answer then you have failed.


I will give you a clap as you have no Spam its a pity you cannot do it for the rest of your customers and blocking spam emails does not STOP spam it just surfaces under another domain name.


People you advise just block for what one or two emails what advise is that, time and effort for what.


And well done its a pity that you let Spam levels get to 100 billion a day it just shows how as I have said inactivity to stop spam just generates more spam where as the spam filter cannot stop spam unless you tell it, a human can act to stop it, BIG difference then.


Its like going to the doctor with a sore leg, the doctor tells you its gangrene and I will have to cut it out, that's OK doctor I will not have the operation, a month later the leg will have to come off, a month after that the patient is dead.

The gangrene is Spam its now at 100million a day so IT people want a job creation, like the year 2000 bug that spent a lot of money and found zero, so don't tackle spam at source otherwise we will be out of a job.


At least I have Stopped spam and disrupted spammers that your customers did not receive because they get the same as me and post it, and your efforts ????????


And its funny how the Talktalk hack of 2015 with 1200,000 STOLEN email addresses is the customers fault and not Talktalk.


Its funny how we put spam in the spam filter and yet it still keeps coming.


Its funny how you duck these Important question which I am sure Talktalk customers would like to know the answers for but gloat in how you have managed to change your email address.



Super Duper Contributor

Hi CanTtheSpam


Unfortunately Gondola is always full of his own self-importance and is quite aggressive in some of his posts. He told another member the other day that I objected to them posting on my topic, which was his own projection and could not have been further from the truth. I think he accused me of trolling him and of abuse (the word mirror comes to mind) some time ago, which was rubbish and the community manager Stephen F has failed to answer 5 messages from myself to him about the conduct of TalkTalk OCE's.


Unfortunately TalkTalk have a system within a system to ensure that they are never to blame for anything, even if it has been through the courts and the facts clearly established. They are not interested in taking a positive route to cutting spam and put the blame on customers for having an email address. Other platforms do not seem to be afflicted by the deluge of spam that we get every day. I receive 15-30 per day, which are all obviously spam with titles like Bitcoin, Jim Davidson, Keto diet etc., etc.


I felt that your advice to TalkTalk to curtail spam was very good, however, the lack of acknowledging anything other than their own delusions seems to be beyond their mindset. We deserve better answers from TalkTalk and appropriate actions, and not being talked down to as if we are to blame for TalkTalk's lack of managing an email platform in a responsible manner.

Chat Champion

I totally agree with you, a forum to put forward a way to curb spam is snuffed out for no reason and with no explanation.


He is supposed to be working on the forum for Talktalk and is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard, if you ask and I have at least twice "How will Domain and IP Addresses know if they have a spam problem if we don't tell them"


Now he won't answer that simple question because if he does it leads to acknowledgement that they can reduce spam, tackle it at source and there you have the crux of the matter.


Its a jobs worth this is the way Talktalk do it, cannot do it another way we have spent a fortune on Spam filters and we have to tell the board its fine, its working we recommended it and we need to stick by our decision or else heads will roll.


Consider reputation, you probably have had some one say that that public house is a bit rowdy, the coffee in the cafe is awful and on the other hand the sandwiches in this cafe are great, this garage gives great service etc in most towns across the country it happens.


So if Talktalk broke the mould and tackled spam head on they could give the spammers a hard time, they set up they get closed down, if you were a potential spammer would you buy into the stolen database, would the reputation of tackling spam make this undesirable.


There was 1,200,000 email addresses stolen so if you receive 3 spam emails a day then the other 1.2 million customers also receive them, that's 3.6 million emails and if the spam list has been sold on ten times that's 36 million per day, now one would assume that Talktalk would want to remove this load from its servers. If you consider its only 10 spammers, 10 emails to write to identify domain names and IP Addresses.


Just think we can put a man on the moon but Talktalk cannot write ten emails to reduce their spam load.


I was getting between 3-5 spam emails a day so decided to report domains and IP Addresses for spam abuse, last year I got over 900 spam emails, currently I have 61 and might get one or two per fortnight.


This means that at least I have saved 839 spam emails and if we multiply that by 1.2 million customers that 73million spam emails not sent in a year, no doubt Talktalk IT guys are using this situation as its working we are stopping spam.


The fact is that the spammer set up 105 accounts on hosting sites it was an industrial operation because Talktalk could not be bothered to do something about it, he was taken down moved onto Spamazon got taken down moved on, but the more you make domains aware the more likely they are then to check activities on their network.


They have their own terms and conditions that should prevent illegal activities like spam and don't want their systems black listed by Spamhaus for spamming activities.


And there we have it, the IT boys a Talktalk will be saying they need a super duper computa to handle the load, we also need more cooling for our super duper computa and we also need more power to run the super duper computa and the super duper computa cooling.


The alternative is get rid of your spam load and free up your servers.
















Chat Champion



If we look at the world wide statistics for spam they reveals the following:-




  1.             269.                            
  2.             281.1                           4.3%
  3.             293.6.                          4.3%
  4.             306.46.                        4.2%


It is estimated that by 2021 there will be 319.6 billion spam emails sent, it is also estimated that 53.95% of email traffic is spam.


These figures tell us that year on year spam grows annually by 4% and the Internet Service Providers (ISP) are running their service's to largely support spam rather than legitimate email services.


If left unchecked and with a yearly increase of 4% ISP's will be running their services primarily for spammers and not their customers.


The main issue has been that although spam or sending bulk unsolicited emails is illegal it has been pushed to the bottom of the ladder when compared to Phishing or scam emails and is largely ignored.


Most ISP have spam filters that are designed to filter out spam emails and in principle they have to learn what spam is to be able to block it, whilst the spammers know this and regularly change their address to defeat the spam filters.


Spam filters do not stop spam, it just blocks spam emails from entering your email box or put it into your spam folder.


Because ISPs only block spam that has been caught in the spam filter, the spammers have been left untouched and have been able to set up on numerous hosting sites on an industrial scale.


Some hosting sites allow customers to set up for free provided that they do not exceed a certain size for storage on their sites.


Spammers have designed their spam emails to incorporate images which are stored on these hosting sites and by doing so limit the amount of data they have to send out.


To remove spam the ISP has to be proactive, these emails have a source IP Address and domain names attached to them.


The Domains have terms and conditions that are designed to prevent their services being used for illegal activities e.g. Spam, along with hosting sites and the main problem is that unless these sites are informed that their services are being used for spamming how can they act on it.


Most countries have laws that also are designed to prevent spam and view it as an illegal activity, the Domain names and Hosting sites know this and would not like their Domains blocked by companies like Spamhaus if they are found to have a high level of spam.


The question is why a ISP would want to run its services for the sake of spammers, why would a ISP want to buy bigger servers, why would a ISP want to buy bigger air condition units and why would a ISP want to pay for the electricity to run these services.


You can easily see that spam has a cost and these costs affect the profitability of the company, these costs grow with the growth of spam.


Each spam email has a unique IP Address that tells us where the email entered the world wide web, the data that is stored on a server has a IP Address, all of these have attached an abuse email that allows abuse such as spam to be reported to that service.


All the ISP has to do is send the spam email to the Domain  and they will act on that information, their own terms and conditions are drawn up to prevent illegal activities.


In 2019 my spam folder had over 900 spam emails, in 2020 I have received 61, my spam load has reduced by 93% and all I have done is reported abuse to the relative Domain name.

If you allow the spammer to spam he will, if you make it difficult he has to put more effort into it only to be closed down, at what point does he then give up.


The other point is that if an ISP has a reputation of closing down spam then why would you not want to concentrate your efforts on other ISP's.



Super Duper Contributor

All good information. The bottom line appears to be that TalkTalk are overstretched and stressed simply running an email platform and integrating a few smaller platforms into the mix. I understand that it's a large operation, but as you realise, if the integrity is not built in to what a company is doing, then the cracks open up very quickly and they aren't being addressed in a creative manner that's plain for all to see.

Chat Champion

We have all seen how large national companies over the years have seamlessly migrated from windows to XP to windows 7 or 8, and to windows 10 and maintain their business levels.


In the process of migrating the world does not stop as work continue on network upgrades, software upgrade evaluation etc along with long term planning.


Most project managers will tell you that to land a successful project you need to plan and provide the qualified staff to produce it within the time scale and to the budget.


At the end of their integration of smaller platforms they do not make all their staff redundant because we completed a integration of our smaller platform.

This is because plans are laid in advance, moving these smaller platforms into the main talktalk network has to be planned over a period of time.


In this forum 'spam halting suggestions' it is not asking talktalk to drop their current projects and deal with the issues raised in the forum but to consider legitimate ways that spam can be stopped and provide its customers some guidance why suggestion cannot be considered.