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TV Box - Recordings Issue

Hi, Posting this on behalf of my mum who has a TT TV box that is not performing as designed at the moment. She is unable to view any previously recorded programs, nor is she able to record anything new. She can watch internet channels such as Sky etc...

ERROR TTG-216/ orange screen cuts out

Hi I need a new box I have had this before but still did all the maintenance things the reset. Control won't do anything the on off button don't respond. Cuts out when restarted after 2 mins it seems fine but within 2 mins goes again. Over the last c...

Nikki14 by First Timer
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Youview not connecting Does ANYBODY have a solution?

So having spent HOURS on the phone and laptop looking for answers all I can find is "connect the ethernet, reset you router....SOLVED!" WRONG. Ethernet FINE, Router FINE, Youview has no idea what the internet is. Talking to Talk Talk is a waste of ti...

Shayde45 by First Timer
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Netflix not loading and very slow

Hi, I’ve been having issues viewing Netflix for the past few weeks and it’s recently gotten worse. It either doesn’t load at all (meaning I can’t even get to he menuscreens), or when i’m in it says title can’t be played. If I manage to start watching...

Nazbella by First Timer
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ITV hub not loading

Hi all. For several months now, we have not been able to load ITV Hub. When selected, it loads up the load screen, identifying ITV hub. Then we get the error message, starting that it cannot load ITV hub. I've tried updating the box, resetting the bo...

SBeevers by First Timer
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NOW Voucher Invalid

I applied for a Sky Sports 12 months voucher.Rerceived an email clicked on the offer & received a notification from Now saying the offer was Invalid. Does anyone now what the problem is? This would be my second discount offer. Am I only allowed one?

TV box issues

Hi Last few weeks I've been experiencing difficulties with my Youview box i.e.A) Locking up, requiring rebootB) Failure to connect to on demand apps (code YVM105 is the usual fault code)C) Failure to record or only part record I've tried all the sugg...

yogaman by Team Player
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Unresolved YMV102 and related error messages

For some time our YouBox (TT supplied, Huawei, c 2yrs old) has been playing up (slow MyTV navigation, etc) but since 2 days displays 'no broadband connection', error messages YVM102 and 105, cannot display Watch List page; lacks Guide info on all pac...

Amazon prime video error

Hi since August Amazon prime video does not work on my TV box which was even replaced. All other apps like Netflix and iPlayer work. I've done resets ect but still the same. If I'm in browsing mode Amazon prime will let me browse videos but as soon a...

Bt box office

Paid for the fight tonight, all I'm am getting is a blank screen, any help would be appreciated

Liam19 by First Timer
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System Start Up Error 102

HiMy Huawei STB is going into Maintenance Mode with the message System Start up Error (102).I've tried all 5 available optionsSoftware ResetFactory Reset x 2Internet Reset x 2and nothing has fixed the problem.Had an Openreach engineer here this morni...

Resolved! TV box fails to start

Hi, I was setting up the TV box but it keeps saying:"Your box failed to start properly" and ''System Start Up Error [100]'' I have done all the options regarding recovery from Reset, Internet software recovery/USB the ot but the issue hasn't been res...

Rheezzz by First Timer
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tv boost channels not working IPC6023

Been getting the ipc 6023 error message on boost channels for the last week now. I've spent over an hour with a technician this morning going through all the calbes, turning off and on, checking connections etc. All the time we are able to use the in...

Sbetty69 by Participant
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Entertainment Boost Not Working!

Hi! We've had the entertainment boost forever, mainly for Nat Geo Wild to run at the back in our shop. Everything was going smoothly a month ago, then 3 weeks ago all the channels disappeared with the error code ICP6017 on the screen. After long hour...

DN372 - YVM503 - No Watch List pictures and slow box response to remote

Hi - not an unusual problem I see. Set-top box model - DN372T.01.03Slow response to remote especially selecting My TV.Error YVM503 when finally shows something.Recordings available to view but no preview pictures.Box very occasionally drops out of pl...

SoF00 by Team Player
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Rented Movie code TTG-250 on play

Rented a movie but when I try to play it I just get 'Somethings gone wrong[TTG-250]'How can I fix this, 48 hours to watch and counting...

rodders by Whizz Kid
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Movie Rental (Error Code TTG-250)

Hi, I have the error code TTG-250 for a film I ordered using the free voucher. I have tried re-booting the box & internet several times to no effect. I have 3 hours to resolve this problem before it times out. I would be most grateful if someone can ...

Something’s gone wrong [TTG-250]

I just rented a film to watch but get this error code TTG-250. I can watch the trailer but not the film.The message says to contact the customer services except there are no details for this on the talk talk web site. Frustrating when you’ve purchase...

Colsnell by Popular Poster
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I pay £14.00 a month for my TalkTalk Entertainment Boost, I have a TalkTalk + box, tonight I have been trying everything to get my subscription channels back, turning everything off, waiting, then turn router back on, then box etc etc. I have done so...

Apps not working on TV

HII seem to have an internet issue on my smart TV (I don't have any sort of box, except the router)I cannot access any app on the TV or the internet on my mobile phone It just says no internet connection, but I know the internet is working as my lapt...

rmatt1 by First Timer
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Now Sports

Hi Please can someone help me. I've used the talk talk box to purchase the Now Sports App.. scanned QR Code - paid for offer... Still cannot watch Sports channel on tv via box. I've been in contact with NOW TV since 10:30 this morning. Their advice h...