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New tv but using the TV box maybe

Hi i am now the proud owner of aSamsung QE50QN94A 4K Ultra HD HDR 2000 Smart Samsung Neo QLED TV and a Samsung HW-Q600A sound bar. Up to now i have just been watching the tv without the TT Box connected but i was thing about connecting the box to the...

Pash02 by Super Duper Contributor
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Reduced screen size and no volume

I'm getting a reduced screen size on terrestrial TV (letter box) Plus no sound. All stations the same. No problems at all on internet connected sites.

des09 by Problem Solver
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Netflix not loading and very slow

Hi, I’ve been having issues viewing Netflix for the past few weeks and it’s recently gotten worse. It either doesn’t load at all (meaning I can’t even get to he menuscreens), or when i’m in it says title can’t be played. If I manage to start watching...

Nazbella by First Timer
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Picture breakup with new youview box

A few months ago Talktalk sent me a new Youview box because they said that mine was obsolete and would not receive futher updates. When I installed the new box I found that there was a lot of annoying pixilating on the picture so I went back to the o...

kennyp by Team Player
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TalkTalk box lost sound ,Distorted picture

2 on line chats with Tecnical advisers have been disconnected / they just went., this morning. One was with sphelele the other a lady. They were trying to sort this out. talk talk box Huawei model DN372T. Had this box for quiet a few years. Last nigh...

Janegold by Popular Poster
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Resolved! Poor TV signal quality

Some channels have a signal quality of 78% and are fine. Most are 60% and the picture breaks up. These Freeview channels are fine when TV connected directly to the aerial.Have tried factory reset, retuning without aerial then retuning with aerial. St...

RJM289 by Popular Poster
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jerky picture

Anyone know how to fix a jerky picture via Netflix on the you view box? it's like a frame or two is dropping.

Joe71 by Popular Poster
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TV picture pixelating

Pixelating when watching channels through TalkTalk box but picture quality fine when watching Freeview channels direct to TV. Signal through aerial is good. Had this issue once before and TalkTalk box was replace which sorted the problem. Unfortunate...

Usher48 by Chatterbox
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TV picture breaking up

While using the TalkTal TV box (DN360T) my picture is constantly breaking up/pixelating. I called out an aerial engineer who checked my aerial, fitted new aerial leads, retuned the tv box, and said that their is nothing wrong with my aerial or signal...

megcram by First Timer
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Tv box dying.

After several years my TV box is dying. I've reset it several times and checked everything. Even replaced the hdmi cable but the problems remain. Every minute or so, the screen will go dark and the sound will mute briefly. This is a box with the reco...


Hi, I have had pixelation problems on certain channels for years, but just switched to my tv free view when it got bad. I recently bought a new aerial and the engineer showed me why I get pixelation. There are 2 transmitters in my “range” one of them...

Tripleh by First Timer
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Hi, I have been a talk talk customer for a number of years. For past couple of years I am having problems recieving a constant picture on my tv, using a skart lead from tv to talk talk box. I have changed and bought new skart leads, which initially g...

Max-22 by First Timer
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Sky Sports freezing

Happens so frequently we get frustrated and stop watching. Happened today at 13:30 so not a busy time. I'm on power adaptors.

Lizzib58 by First Timer
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Youview box black screen - faulty

Hello, My Youview box keeps cutting to a black screen with no visible picture or sound for a few seconds repeatedly, resetting the box hasn't managed to fix the problem.

Resolved! Poor tv reception via the you-view plus box

Hello, I am having problems with my tv picture when viewing via the youview box with lines of missing pixels and flickering. This also affects my recordings, which are un-watchable.I have tried retuning the box and I have also replaced the cables, bu...

celynen by Conversation Starter
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TV picture breaking up and generally very poor.

We had a new box some time ago to resolve issue with freezing. To begin with the image wasn't particularly good but as we had a new TV at the same time we put it down to the TV. We've also had issues with the live and recorded TV image breaking up. S...

999xyz by Chatterbox
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Replacement youview box - poor sound and vision

Youview box was replaced as it no longer recorded successfully, though picture and sound was good. Installed replacement box and for a short while all looked good. After around 10 minutes picture was increasingly pixellated and sound poor also. Check...

samser by First Timer
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Now sports Membership

Hi, Could any one tell me if the upgrade to NOW sports membership is stream in SD or HD , if it is SD can you upgarde to HD.

Tv Picture pixellating

Hi Since we signed up for another 2 years we have been unable to watch the tv properly?tv picture cuts out and pixellates! we cant even watch HD channels?we have removed cables, unplugged everything etc but nothing is it the TT box? if so ...

Tv box problem.

Hi.I have a huawei DN 372T Box that over the last couple of weeks has started misbehaving.The pictue is pixilating and image and sound cuts out ( black screen) with a cracking/clicking sound for 5-10 second then comes back on with the option bar on t...

Paushe by First Timer
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Resolved! lack of tv service

I have suffered with awful reception on my tv. Pixilated channels is the norm. I have now lost all my favourite freeview channels ( not showing in the guide) leaving me with the rubbish that I don't watch. I retune the channels 3 or 4 times a day wit...

Geoff75 by First Timer
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Picture and sound glitching, jumping, freezing constantly

For around 3 weeks now the picture and sound has constantly been breaking up, glitching and pixelating for a second or two at a time, it’s now becoming more frequent and lasting 3-5 seconds every time it does it. Trying to watch a 30 minute tv progra...

Mrsjid by First Timer
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You tube box only showing a purple screen

Our YouTube channel will only show as purple. We've checked ordinary channels and all are fine for colour. You tube box won't connect to our Internet channels either... We have tried replacing cables. Help????

Tv signal lost being lost same time every night.

For about the past week now every night between 9.15pm-9.45pm i lose my tv signal it breaks up and becomes unwatchable. I have checked my cables retuned my box still nothing I have a tv booster as I live in a flat and use shared aerial ive never had ...

Emad1980 by First Timer
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