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Youview TV Box aerial not working

Hi all,I have an issue with my Huawei DN360T Youview box which the online chat help seems not to have a clue about.I installed the TV box with the supplied aerial and am able to find 61 TV aerial channels however I wanted to situate the TV further aw...

SamGreen by First Timer
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picture break up

TV picture breaking up.Checked against other sets connected directly to aerail, no picture break up or pixelatingDisconnected aerial from box and connected to TV, No breaking up or pixelatingReconnect to box (same program) break up and pixelating on ...

TV picture Freezing & Breaking up

Can't watch any TV or Recorded programs without picture Freezing or skipping. It's very much like trying to watch a bad DVD.Tried resetting TV box, Router and have checked all connections etc.Where do I go Now ??

TV Box Freezing & Pixelated Internet Channels

I have had the TV Box for a year now and to be honest it never worked that well and now it seems to be getting worse.The internet channels have always been blocky and pixelated which makes them unwatchable.I can't believe that this is using the wired...

Rhys R by First Timer
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How to connect WiFi to youview TV box?

Why was I not made aware that the youview box is not WiFi compatible - what century are we living in? Must I have wires all over my living room to allow for streaming BBC iplayer??! I would not have bothered if I had known!

Thomas25 by First Timer
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Having to reset TalkTalk TV Plus Box box everyday

When I first had the Youview box I found I had to reset it it about once a fortnight, then it settled down for a while, but for the last few weeks it has needed a retune - and occasionally a reset - everyday. I'm finding that almost everyday I get se...