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How do you record TV if the new talk talk box doesn't record

I can no longer view recordings despite multiple resets. I read on here that new boxes do not record, so how do they work to allow you to see TV that isn't currently on.I get the iPlayer principle, but that only works if you know what you want to wat...

kbegley by Participant
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Failed recordings and black screen on previous recordings

All my new recordings are failing and things ive recorded previously just show a black screen. I have a huawei dn372t box.Ive tried rebooting the box which hasn't worked and can't get onto maintenance mode.This happened with my last box which ended u...

ssignomi by Participant
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Resolved! 4K Box recording

Tonight I wanted to record Match of the Day whilst watching The Chase. When Match of the Day started to record, I was told I had to stop recording if I wanted to watch The Chase at the same time. No other channel worked - unless I cancelled the recor...

You View Box and Cancel TV Subscription?

I have not got a Straight answer from Talk Talk. We have very poor internet . 3-6mb . TV box not beneficial. However great for pausing Live TV or recording. If I leave talk talk do I get to keep the box and will it still record and Pause? Thanks

Recording programmes

We recently had Future Fibre installed. I was told we could record programmes however we had to buy a USB stick to enable us to do this. We then found out that we could not record a programme whilst watching another. This is really frustrating as we ...

Lynda12 by First Timer
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New tv box won’t record

My replacement tv box is not a youview plus box like my old one therefore I can’t record. I would expect a like for like replacement as my old box had become faulty after many years of being a customer. Please help.

Carol-D by First Timer
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TalkTalk box not recording

Hi there, My TalkTalK box has stopped recording programmes.It has been happening ove the last 3 weeks.I set a programme to record and it will either fail to record or record part of it about 12 mins and then you go to watch it and is says it is still...

BenFolgle.jpeg OakIsland.jpeg
Dobbin15 by Conversation Starter
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Youview box recording issues

Was here with similar issues 2 years ago and was sent a replacement box.Recordings are blank or cutting short, what has recorded the picture breaks up.Last couple of days all recordings blank or 'recording failed.Have tried to reset but with no luck!...

Debill65 by Chatterbox
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recording and replay fails

our recordings won't play backfails to record new content as wellall checks done, latest software is present, all leads checked

oddmundb by Popular Poster
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TalkTalk YouView TV Box Faulty Again

Hi OCEsMy YouView Box has started playing up again since October last year just like my last two. Most recordings failing, guide takes 5 minutes to come up and old recordings and iplayers pixilate. Exactly how my last boxes went!Since I last contacte...

RazzOne by Whizz Kid
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Recorded programme will not play back

Within the last 48 hours, I have suffered the problem that recorded programmes (different channels), will appear to record fine. Information shows the appropriate amount of time recorded, correct channel and record time etc. However, when I try to wa...

You view DN372T failed

Hi there,Since last Thursday our box has failed to record any scheduled programmes, will not play back any programmes already recorded, and will not access any content on the various players.We have tried turning it off at the wall for a while, and u...

Software update lost recorded content

Hi all,just updated the software for the 1st time since 2015 on my mother in laws Youview box and it’s deleted some recordings that had sentimental value. How do I get them back? Any help really, really appreciated

Series record not available on some channels

When pressing the record button from the 'guide', I usually get the option to record episode only or record the series. However, certain channels don't seem to gove the option for 'series record'. For example with the Yesterday channel, I never seem ...

You view box will not play back recordings.

My Youview box has suddenly stopped playing anything I have recorded. When I press play on any recording, the screen is just black. I have tried all resets as per instructions on the help page, but to no avail. Does this mean the hard drive is at fau...

New TV box needed

My TV box keeps messing up recordings by only recording the first few minutes. I have had this problem twice before and support tell me to soft reset or hard, then months later it doesn't it again. How do I ask for a replacement TV box as I keep losi...

Frozen you view box

My you view box has been playing up for a while but having tried all the advice I tried a factory reset keep recordings tonight. It was doing it but has now frozen part way through on page headed parental control

rafdac by Participant
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TV Box record and playback failure

Recorded programs do not play back since the morning of 18/12/21. I tried a power off then back on, but no improvement. Photo shows screen before it goes blank.Recordings are failing from 18/12/21Live program works (displays OK with sound.)BBC iplaye...

Huawei DN372T YouView TalkTalk TV box failing to record

In the last week or so this box has stopped recording programmes. It will show that it has recorded but when you try to play you find only a few minutes has been done and pressing OK produces a black screen.Only 25% of the disc capacity is shown as b...

TalkTalk no longer providing the TV Plus Box for recording

Good morning all,We have just recently signed up to talktalk with TV, however we have been supplied with a TV Box DN360T which cannot record upcoming tv programmes. This was not explained at time of purchase!!Previously I had a TV Plus Box DN372T whi...

fwsTTcom by First Timer
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