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Forum Posts

Amazon EchoDot And Contract Renewal

I have renewed the existing contract which comes with an Amazon EchoDot 4th G free. During the upgrade time, the sales advisor informed us that it will take 37 days to send the voucher code or so. I have already spoken to the other advisors after pas...

Order Pending

Morning,  As the picture below, my order is still showing as pending even though it has been active for more than a month now. Not a major issue since the connection is live and working but since I like my affairs tidy I would love to get it sorted. ...

RE: Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP

Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP?what is the best way to leave ?? as a isp has a better offer than i currently have as it includes a mobile phone contract to for the same price i am pay now for just any time calls and 150fibre

hosay299 by Philosopher
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TopCashback not tracking

HiI see some others have the same issue, but not wanting to jump on someone else’s post, I have the same problem. I ordered Future Fibre 500 via TopCashback and it is not showing in my account. I raised a ticket with them and they need the order numb...

Robe321 by Sightseer
  • 3 replies
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getting future fibre

looking to signup for talktalks fttp service but cant find anyway to do this as a existing account holder the option is only availbe for new subscribers despite it being avaible at my address

jcampy by Philosopher
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No order confirmation email

Just placed an order for Fibre 900 (via. comparethemarket), and the order page confirmed my payment details and the date/time the engineer is coming to install the router. However, the only email I've received so far after hours is one relating to th...

m_d_p by First Timer
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FTTP installation while keeping VDSL

Hi, I am a current VDSL customer.I would like to upgrade to FTTP and then port my landline number to a VOIP provider which I already have setup and working. To do this I need to get FTTP installed first as a new contract and then I will request porti...

Incorrect Package On Account - Can't Upgrade

Good morning, I have just tried to upgrade my service to FF150 from Fibre 65 which I am currently on, however, after yesterday's "my account" outage it seems the package listed on my account is now FF150 which is incorrect.I tried speaking to the upg...

Can Someone Please Confirm my new Contract?

I've noticed a few posts here discussing how they haven't received confirmation of a contract renewal offer that they received via email. My situation is a little different. I was offered an 18-month Fibre-65 contract for £23.50 per month. I clicked ...

JIles by First Timer
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voucher not received

This is my 4th POST I have been a customer for more than 3 months and have yet to receive my £100 amazon voucher. Someone help, this is not okay. It also seems like this is the only way to ask about this!!!

jpun44 by Popular Poster
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unable to renew faster fibre to fibre65

hello talk talk( more like silentsilent!) , dido harding has gone and is now messing up the NHS so why are the problems still here. I had a notification that my contract was ending with a link to renew to fibre65 from faster fibre, I tried several ti...

Broadband Purchase

I purchased Super Fast Fibre last night but never received a confirmation email. Was told to call them when on live chat but I was stuck on hold for over 2 hours with no answer so I gave up. How can I confirm if my order went through without waiting ...

Magatame by First Timer
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Free Alexa

I renewed my subscription in November but have still not received any information about ordering my free Alexa. Does anyone know how I go about sorting this?Thank you

Request for order number

Hi, Please could someone provide me with my order number from when I ordered Fibre 150 back in July. I did put in a claim as it had been a while but I need to provide the order number for it to be progressed. Many Thanks

SimWo73 by Chatterbox
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Topcashback Order Number

Hi there, I ordered Fibre 150 via Topcashback but do not see this being tracked in there. I logged a missing claim with them and was asked to provide the order number starting with letter N followed by 8 digits, but can’t find it on my talktalk accou...

boriskoo by Popular Poster
  • 8 replies
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Gift Voucher - Where Is It?

We are still waiting for our gift voucher and it is a long time after the 90 day waiting period. Not happy, feel quite ripped off especially as having difficulty with the fibre broadband via your router and a powerline extender. Not the best and look...

TV added without my authority.

Good afternoonI have today accepted a free upgrade from Fibre 35 to Fibre 65. But, my account now shows TV as an ordered product. I did not order any TV, nor was TV even discussed. I have no idea why has TV been added without my permission or knowled...

hugo123 by Team Player
  • 10 replies
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Gift Cloud Promotion

Hi, I am trying to chase a reward that was offered to switch to TalkTalk. I however need an Order ID that I cannot find anywhere on any documentation. Can you please advise me on where I can find this. Many Thanks

RobGee by First Timer
  • 2 replies
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Amazon Echo Dot offer, email not received.

Hi, I upgraded my wifi to Fibre 150 during the time where the Amazon Echo, plus a smart bulb or smart plug gift was available, and I was informed that I'd receive an email with my offer after 37 days of my wifi upgrade going live this was 16/09/2021 ...

£100 Uswitch voucher - TalkTalk

Purchased TalkTalk broadband through USwitch back in June, waited the 90 days as others suggested on here, now Uswitch are refusing to progress until we provide an 'N' order number. Spoken to TalkTalk Cust. service a million times and no one is able ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not happy with changed renewal Order

I renewed my contract 10/10/21 and received a different agreement looking on line today. I had the good fortune to take a screen shot prior to reading the legal page, then came back to the agreement page and everything I was agreeing to I then presse...

whitecliffs by Super Duper Contributor
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My chat ended suddenly

I can’t get through on the chat. perhaps because it is past 6pm? I was very close to confirming my new broadband. best wishes, Kirsty mclean *removed for security*

What’s included in my package?? Calls

hi, im a new customer and cannot find what my actual package includes, in particular what calls cost from my landline. I have fibre 65 and tv package at £4 a month plus NOW tv essentials pack. thanks

Mesonia by First Timer
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Amazon £80 voucher

Hi, It's been over 90 days since I signed up to TalkTalk and I'm still expecting the £80 amazon voucher. Please can TalkTalk action asap. Thanks

renpooh by First Timer
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New package

I've just been accepted for a package but then seen for an extra £4 a month i can get a TV with a different package, how do I go about swapping to that package other than the one without the TV?

Craigc91 by First Timer
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