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Order Number

Hello, As I can see a number of other people have asked (but with no real solutions as far as I've seen yet), I also ordered Talk Talk Fibre 900 on the basis that I would get a £100 voucher. The date for that voucher to arrive has now passed and when...


I signed up to a new contract with TalkTalk on the 23rd August 2023. I was promised a voucher of £100 as part of that deal. The contract was for 18 months.Having not heard anything I contacted TalkTalk I was asked to wait a further month that was unt...

Sue1942 by Visitor
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Quidco Cashback

Hello, I took out a Fibre 150 package with TalkTalk in November 2023, purchasing it using Quidco as £50 cashback was advertised at the time. This has still not been paid out to me and is still showing as just Tracked on Quidco, please can you assist?...

Attempted Upgrade Gone Wrong

Hi, could I please get confirmation of what is happening with my broadband account(s) - I was unable to get any clear answers from the online chat.I recently attempted to upgrade to Fibre 900 which was shown on the "my offers and upgrades" page. Howe...

davros1 by Popular Poster
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Account shows pending order

Hi my account currently shows a current order pending due to go live 6/1/24 (coincidentally the date my contract ends) When I drill into "order" no details are shown. I have recently asked for a quotation which I suspect the system is seeing as a don...

Divsec by Community Star
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TalkTalk CityFibre Upgrade Renewal

Hello, My contract comes to an end on 6th of July and I've spent the past month making calls and over live chat trying to get the situation resolved for me.I've been given various numbers to call, who all just passed me through from one department to...

empatel96 by Popular Poster
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Top cashback claim and £125 gift card

Hello. I signed up when the black friday deals were on back in November 2022, I have yet to receieve my £125 gitft card. Also the claim I opened via TCB after signup is still pending, please can someone look into this for me. Thanks

Ryan806 by Participant
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Renewal price incorrect

Hi, can anyone help me???After 2 weeks of reporting this, several chats later and 3 live conversations on the phone I am still no further forward.I was offered a renewal online for £27 fibre 65 and free anytime unlimited calls for 18 months of the 24...

Order Number plz help

Hi, i need my order number for my broadband order so i can claim my gift card any help would be appreciated

Franz Kafka is still alive and works for TalkTalk

Hi,Here I am again trying to resolve an issue that has remained for about the last 10 months. We have talked to about 50 different advisors from all the departments listed in the 'labels'. All the solutions suggested and implemented by TalkTalk have ...

incised12 by Conversation Starter
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S order number

Hi, I have been asked by Quidco for my talktalk order number begining with S for the fibre 900 package I have had installed. It's not on any emails. Why is this so complicated? Appreciate some help.