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Snapped phone line - total loss of service

HiMy overhead phone line was snapped by a passing extra tall lorry on Friday lunchtime. Did online chat to get it fixed as whenever I call and put my number in the automated system it just disconnects. After almost an hour and being asked to do ridic...

Landline faulty, broadband works

My landline phone is faulty, no dialling tone. Tried phoning my landline phone from mobile. It will ring but unable to connect when answering. TT have advised no problem their end & I have carried out all checks on my phone equipment and cables etc. ...

no dial tone , internet working ok

Unable to make/receive calls just hear slight crackling noise on the line instead of dial tone.Calling own landline from mobile gets number busy signal.Clicking the Support Chat button on the TalkTalk website does nothing - so unable to chat or ask f...

Phone line location issue

Hi there, I moved house on Tuesday and the Open Reach engineer came to get the internet etc working on Wednesday. The phone line socket is currently located on one side of the hallway (which is awkward as it is right by the stairs and toilet). The pr...

PhilG by Conversation Starter
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Phone line not working

Since yesterday both cordless phones display "Check phone line" - no dialling tone or calls in or out.Broadband remains fine. I've been through TT's troubleshooting checklist - no joy. Could this issue be raised, please? Thanks!

Can't make calls

Anyone. The land line has gone dead. I can't get through the clowns on live chat, who keep trying to sell me fibre broadband. I want my land line fixed. I don't have a 3 g mobile, I'm told lies that the line is being tested. Been on this now for 2 an...

Herdy by First Timer
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Landline not working

We don't use the landline much but having tried to use it for some Covid registration stuff we found that it wasn't working.There's no dial tone yet when dialling a number, the countdown starts for the time of the call despite no call being received ...

falconi66 by Conversation Starter
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Please Check the Line Cord

Hi,My phone has been unusable for a month now always giving the above message, I can't make or receive calls. I've checked the line cord, swapped phones (brand new handset) and tested with the main socket, the error remains so it appears to be the li...

No phone line

There is no dial tone at all and we can't accept or receive calls, have tried using the test socket with an spare phone but did not work.The Internet is working perfectly and shows no signs of a slow speed test, was as it should be.Can I do an intern...

scubapb by First Timer
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Landline no dialtone, BB OK but slow.

Today, 12:30 BST, I found my TT landline had no dialtone (on lifting phone). I have two landlines (TT & BT) so I was able to do a thorough substitution test.My TT line normally uses a cordless phone base, and I also have a corded phone. So each phone...

jayesjay by Whizz Kid
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No dial tone.

Morning,Posting for my 87 year old deaf mother in law.Her landline is dead. However, the handset rings and when answered it sounds as if the line is still trying to connect.I've tried the usual things like different handset and connecting to the test...

landline is dead broadband is okay

I'm unable to make or receive calls on my landline but broadband is fine. It came to my attention about a week ago and as my handset is very old I have bought a new one which is also dead. I have tried plugging the handset into the socket alone but i...

No Landline

We have had no landline mow for days, I did an online chat and they say there is an "Incident on your line or at the local exchange" This was days ago and still no working, I tried another Chat this morning and they said the same, but checked the lin...

No landline for 3 weeks!

On 1st of July I discovered I had no dialing tone, so could not make or recieve calls. I tried on numerous occasions through talking to advisors on the talktalk help chatto resove the problem without success.I knew what the problem was as it has happ...

no phone line since joining talktalk 2 weeks ago

i have had online chats on 2 occasions now regarding no phone line .my master socket is dead on the phone point but my internet is fine. i work from 7am to 7pm so an unable to chase this up in the week . i was told there was a possible fault outside ...

cliffm2 by First Timer
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Home Phone not working but fibre broadband fine

As per the subject heading my landline is out of action both ways but the fibre broadband is fine. I cannot get beyond the automated service which has checked the line and declared it OK. Help please. John

no dial tone

I have no dial tone on my home phone - have tried all the things the online help suggests.When people dial my number it sounds to them like the phone is ringing but nothing at our end.Internet is still working but very slowly.How do I get help to fix...

No dial tone

Hi, my phone stopped working yesterday. There is no dial tone but when the number is called from another phone it goes onto the answer service normally but does not ring the phone. I have tried a corded phone in the test socket and it is exactly the ...

emullier by First Timer
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No Dial Tone Since 7th July

Can somebody at TalkTalk please look in to my issue? I have had no dialling tone on my home phone line since the evening of Wednesday 7th July. The Wi-fi Hub router maintains VDSL sync intermittently, takes ages to acquire sync, and even then only ob...

Home phone not working (no dial tone)

My landline has not been working for a a couple of weeks with no dial tone.I have followed the recommended troubleshooting steps with no success, including purchasing a new phone.around the same time as the phone stopped working, my internet became s...

No Dial Tone

My internet seems to be working fine, but as of today there is no dial tone.

wjsd7 by Participant
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