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Account Password Reset

My Father-in-law has dementia and has changed his TalkTalk Account password and now cannot remember what is. It's the same password used in his email address that receives the password reset email request - hence he's unable to access h...

My Account Log In Problem

The TalkTalk MyAccount web site or at least the login page, seems to have changed since I last logged in. I now find that when I enter my user name (which is my email address from a domain) the user name is rejected with the message ""

How do I use the TT Password Manager on my Windows 10 laptop

This may seem a simple question, how do I download and manage the TT Password Manager on my Windows laptop?. I have an app for my phone but is there a download link for my Windows 10 laptop. I'm a little rusty on using my laptop as I mostly use my sm...

gazzer by Chatterbox
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Resolved! E mail asking to reset password

recieved an e mail saying order to continue using your talktalk account, you need to confirm your email address Is it a scam?

grumps by Whizz Kid
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I have just ordered from TALKTALK, when registering for myaccount I am unable to create an account. When setting a password I am given "something went wrong" leaving me unable to do anything. I have tried this on two different mobiles, wifi connectio...

Super Safe Boost subscription renewal

HiPassword Manager is telling me my subscription has expired and should be renewed! I have forgotten the password as I set it up many years ago.When I use the 'Forgotten Password' route to reset the password, I never receive the reset email...checked...

Power of Attourney

Hi Talk Talk, Where do I have to send the POA to? None of the labels relate to this post, you should get rid of the labels thing its such as waste of peoples time.

Community username

Hello,How do I change my community username? This one was created automatically and I really don't want my postcode as part of it!Many thanks.

Account security password

Was doing an online chat with an advisor who said i need to go thru a security check, one of the questions was " give the last 4 digits of your payment method", this confused me so i gave the last for digits of my debit card thinking it was that .The...

rob1246 by Chat Champion
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Password reset,

I can access the lost password link, get it sent to my mailbox, but when I try to reset my password I keep getting on the reset page, 'Password don't match' in the bottom new password box, the top one has a red line around it also, but a green tick, ...

PhilJohn by Team Player
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Unusual online activity possibly been hacked

Sometimes commands are made that I did not execute whilst I'm playing PlayStation PS3 games and recently a bookmarked website opened in chrome browser. This behaviour began when I added a friend on PS Network and removed shortly thereafter. It used t...

Ipad Weak Security Issue

Hi,I have been trying to access my IP Account ( and have entered the router (HUAWEI HG533) username and router password without success, found on back of router.I have followed the advice on the blogs and no joy. I have reset it, turned i...

Email for Online Defence registration

Hi I wonder if anyone can help I can’t verify my email address so therefore can’t get subscriptions for online defence or fsecure I’m using an iPhone and also my email I don’t know how many attempts I’ve made but not receiving mail to con...

Tricia5 by First Timer
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Problems Accessing my Supersafe Boost account

I have been having a problem accessing my Supersafe Boost protection for my TalkTalk account. I cannot get beyond the login screen using the original email I had when I first installed it (it has been shut down - old Orange email account) and I canno...

Supersafe boost activation email

I have not received an email from f secure to be able to activate my supersafe account. I have spoken with talk talk tech but they suggested to ask here. I have even tried doing forgotten password and I still don't get an email from them. Help

Caz0711 by First Timer
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I can't log in to F Secure

I'm unable to log in to super safe. Although I am told an email has been sent to me there is nothing in my inbox or spam folder. I spoke to to an advisor on the phone and was told to post a question here ?