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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Ultra-Fast Broadband

Hi. I'm on the Fibre 65 package but my line is only capable of providing up to 42 Mbps which suits my needs. I've had a letter from Fibre Heroes who are installing Ultra-Fast Broadband in my street. It seems that BT buried their phone lines in our st...

Lambert by Whizz Kid
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What's included

Hi..I'm on fibre 35 with landline.. No inc calls .. Question What happens to the landline with Fibre 150 to premises (not copper wire ) .. I will need landline !

trying2 by Whizz Kid
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No sign of freebies

Just renewed my fibre 65 and was offered 2 free months about £46 and a voucher for £130 from a nice man Called Henry that was on the 9th march.Checked my contract and my account and there is no mention of said offers can anyone enlighten me please Re...

Bob62 by Participant
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Fibre Upgrade

I am seriously P***ed off with Talk Talk. I was away on Holiday from Mid Feb to Start of March and City Fibre turned up at my House start of March to upgrade my Broadband. My Father turned them away and I arrived back home to a letter from Talk Talk ...

Frustrated with customer service

I’ve had no internet or landline for 10 days . The fault update keeps saying they are working to fix it . I’ve been passed from pillar to post on phone calls which get disconnected and live chats that get disconnected. 15 hrs of calls and being left ...

podster7 by Popular Poster
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HomeSafe not working

Team, anyone having issues with HomeSafe, mine no longer seems to be working. I have reset all the DNSs to default but still no luck. I am currently using the TalkTalk Hub 2 (version SG4K100136 - Sagemcom - FAST 5464 -1 T4 ) on Fibre 65. Any help wil...

TyGold by Popular Poster
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Rant about how existing customer treatment. Joke of a company

For the last three months, all companies, apart from TalkTalk, can offer Full Fibre to my address. When I checked online yesterday, I noticed it is now available. 45 mins on the online chat, only to be given a telephone number to call. When I called ...

Door to Door Sales Complaint

Hi, About 13:45 this afternoon, I answered a knock on my front door. Normally if I'm home alone, I don't answer the door if I'm not expecting anyone, however my housemate had gone out and I thought he'd forgotten his keys. Three men were standing out...

EShepard by Popular Poster
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Fibre 35 v fibre 150

Cityfibre is now laid in our street .. Does fibre 150 come from the cityfibre ? or does it come through the existing copper wire .. If fibre 150 comes through existing copper wire will fibre 150 give better speed than my fibre 35.. which on a good da...

trying2 by Whizz Kid
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Can someone from TalkTalk please help?

I was with TalkTalk Fibre 65.3rd Jan placed an order with Now.5th Jan TalkTalk retentions offered a deal and I agreed to stay.5th Jan Now was informed.A cease was put on the line for some reason.Somehow the line was switched from Fibre to ADSL withou...

1Cherry1 by Chat Champion
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Resolved! Full Fibre 150 trying to mesh with Echo Dots

Just had FF150 installed. I have 2 Echo Dot devices with latest updates so they should be able to be used as a mesh with the eero 6 but the eero app doesn't include the section to set built-in on. Following online help this section is required.

hughg by Chat Champion
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UFO hub - red battery fault light

After the outage in York last night our UFO hub red fault light is permanently on, which indicates a faulty backup battery - where/how do I report this ?

hpgsmith by Participant
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DNS Server issues

Good AfternoonAm getting a little fed up with DNS errors, which seem to make no sense. 1) Openreach have checked the line so we can ruile that out.2)I have checked the log and it doesn't make sense Basically the errors are relating to websites that I...


Hi, I have two complaint references (CMP...) which are both related to an attempt to get full fibre which failed and then reverting to a landline with Fibre 65. They are both logged against the same Account number which Customer Relations recognise b...

Landline2 by Popular Poster
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Transformer for wifi hub

Before i start my Wifi hub its self is working fine!My Transformer for my Wifi hub is faulty, it is a type that you can change the plug configuration, ie can be a UK or European depending on the slide in connecter. Unless i have the slide in connecto...

Bemax999 by First Timer
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Why no Full Fibre

I'm just curious as to why TalkTalk suddenly stopped offering Full Fibre in my area. Prior to Christmas they, along with all other providers, were offering Full Fibre. All the other providers are still offering Full Fibre for my address, but TalkTalk...

Resolved! What is Fast Broadband Extra?

What is the difference between my current Fibre 35 and Fast Broadband Extra? There is no info that I can find and the download speed in the above page, linked from the renewal email, is blank.

Gammerz by Conversation Starter
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Torrent speeds

Trying to download a torrent and I'll start it speed peaks up to about 1mbs then within a minute drops to 10kbps and consistently stays there. Restart the app and it comes back up again then drops within a minute. Does this get throttled I've tried a...

Amazon acount

an Amazon account is required just to set up the eero router? I don't want to give amazon my waist size and every other detail about my household just to set up a broadband router... How do I get around this, it's entirely unnecessary & gratuitous.

neilg by Whizz Kid
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Hi. Since yesterday I've been disconnected a few times. I decided to look at the logs on the wifi hub and noticed several of these in the last 2 days.VDSL connectivity is down port 1WAN DHCP client (1) stoppedTR-069 connectivity to (

Getting fibre***

So my building has passed phase 1 installation of fibre I live in a ground floor flat one of my neighbours has virgin media fibre rest of us have no fibre availability, everyone else down the road has access to fibre why still can't I get it and not ...

Lwnofear by First Timer
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former TalkTalk customer, address not in ORDI

I moved to my new address a couple of years ago, but when i tried to transfer my TalkTalk fibre to my current address i was told that fibre was not available at the address, after doing some investigatingi found out it was because my address was not ...

dorian1 by First Timer
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