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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Can I track my router delivery?

Unsure whether my new router has been sent. Internet has gone live but left without router. Might just be a case of Royal Mail. But wanted to see if I could check whether one has been sent. Cheers.

Paul6764 by First Timer
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Not able to port forward 443 via TalkTalk Home Hub

hello all, need some help please i am trying to port forward 443 on TalkTalk WiFi Hub(Huawei DG8041W) and get the following error message - Not able to port forward as port 443 is reserved for internal system use. Any ideas anyone? Firmware ver - v1....

mzukis by First Timer
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White light and no internet

My connection was working just fine and has now dropped all internet connection despite having a white light on the router. I’ve tried to call and have got nowhere and the online bot is saying no agents are online. To say this is poor service would b...



Hi. My router has gone to orange light status. I've tried a 20 min restart, factory reset, replaced & checked filter & all connections. I have connected a spare router that luckily gives ethernet cable connection but wifi not working & shows as disab...

PRM1945 by First Timer
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Huawei HG635 - Keeps on Resetting to Factory Defaults

Hi All, I have a problem with my HG635 router in that it keeps on resetting itself to factory defaults, which is rather annoying as I have to reset its IP address, DHCP server & port forwarding due to the continual resets. I also don't use the Talk T...

Chrome - Screenshot 2024-04-06 094513.png

Resolved! Hg633 speed dropping to 2mb

Hi, I have an old router HG633 that up til recently was ok. Regularly had 50mb on WiFi speed test. Now I am lucky to get 5. Connection test all ok allegedly. Very frustrating, especially when a local provider can provide super fast. Reboots don't app...

Upload speed much faster than download speed

I am currently seeing a throttled upload speed of 16Mb/s (all good so far), however download speed is extremely limited (and limiting) at only 1 or 2Mb/s, regardless of whether the device connected to the router over ethernet or Wifi. I have gone thr...

Lurgius by First Timer
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Wifi dropping

I am constantly having issues with my wifi. When watching Netflix or Prime or Youtube on TV in the same room as the router I am finding midway through programmes or films it starts to slow down showing the buffering icon and then an error telling me ...

DebbieM7 by Popular Poster
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Unbale to us smart device after Fibre upgrade.

A few days ago we had a upgrade to a Fibre network since then my Alexa devices have stopped working. I have tried every thing i can think of to resolve this issue. I have tried reloading the Amazon Alexa app no change.I have loaded the amazon app to ...


I have an HG633 router on FTTC. The router bit has worked just fine for years but I have decided I want to use the USB socket on the router to connect an SSD as a common storage element. Reading the words it appears to say I can access the USB connec...


Hi, I was on fibre 65. My router gone kaput. I have spent 4hrs with the service agent. I think I'll commit suicide at this rate. I need a new router as children doing GCSE and I work from home sometimes. The help people made me do hundreds of resets ...

ShahAA by Participant
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Poor divice speed for router

Download speed from router is maximum 1Mb this is ridiculous as it seems there's 76MB coming to the router. I think I need a new router

Wifi Hub/Router Faulty Dropping Wifi Frequently

Hi Been have Issues With wifi/internet Dropping frequently, Causing TalkTalk Tv to Reboot and our phones to keep disconnecting and connecting to internet Tried rebooting wifi hub/router (sagecom Fast 5364-3.TB) numerous times which has no effect but ...

Resolved! Sagecom router

Hi I would like to ask if I turn off 5gig connection on my sagecom router and disable band steering will this cause any problems with router I have had to get a new router twice in the last year because it has gone faulty and lost total connection I ...

No connection after 27 days

Hi, hoping to get some advice here. I've moved properties, took my router with me as advised. My go live date was 01/03/2024. I have no Internet still. I've had 4 engineers out, most recent was today. He told me there is no issue issue with the cable...

Wifi channel

Ever since I had my new Fibre router (Sage MCOMM) I set the 2.4ghz channel to 6 as the neighbours use 11 - but it keeps changing back to 11.And on the 5ghz I set it to 60 as the neighbours use 36, but yet again it keeps changing back to 36. I did thi...

steven25 by Popular Poster
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Wifi channel optimization

Hi, please can you turn off the WiFi optimization on my FAST5364? You had switched it off before but I needed to reset my router and it appears to have come back, thanks

oloolo by Conversation Starter
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Resetting an additional router's password.

Hi all,I've been given a spare TalkTalk WiFi Hub (Device Version DG8041W-2 T5) but I can't access the admin page as the previous owner seems to have changed the password or username. I want to add the hub to my existing network hub (FAST ...

Tarl72 by Chatterbox
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Fibre 150 - technical setup questions

some help please I have fibre65+analog landline and want to upgrade to a newer faster service like Fibre 150I believe this requires a new modem and that is is VOIP/digital I already have a Google Nest Mesh Wifi with 6 mesh points. I do not want to re...

Wi-fi keeps dropping. Happening for 2 weeks now.

Good afternoon. For the last two weeks the week keeps dropping on on devices like the iPhone, Android phone and laptop. I have to reset the router and switch off/on the devices. This is a major headache as I work from home 2 days a week. How do I req...

Resolved! Sagem Fast 5364 Unable to access Advanced Settings

Good Morning, I'm having an issue trying to access the advanced settings on my router, I can login to the main UI but when I try to access the advanced settings it kicks me back out to the login page. I've tried resetting the router to factory settin...

Faulty talktalk router - flaky wireless

Hi, this problem started several months ago and I am now no longer able to work effectively from home. I got in touch with the tech support about the fact that the wireless kept dropping. It's not an issue of distance as I am sitting a few meters awa...

archer vr600 use for fibre65

hi all, upgrading from talktalk dsl broadband to fibre 65 ,(vdsl).currently using an archer vr600 , very happy with it. Can i use this when i go to fibre vdsl ?.or do i have to use supplied talktalk modem / router?.What settings needed.Any help much ...

pip66 by First Timer
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