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Weak Securirty warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Internet speed drop outs for months had enough ..

What is going on for the last few months i have been reporting my slow connection 60-80mb when it should be 500 plus , what am i paying for when is this going to stop , you will not listen to customers and will not give us local help, so going to sto...

badmood by Whizz Kid
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good full fibre deals for existing customers

hi guys. getting loads of trouble with my fttc and thinking about switching to fttp as it's available in my area now. has anyone got any good deals for full fibre while switching from fttc to fttp?

Repeated fault every 2 weeks

Every 2 weeks my full fibre 900 speed drops to 94 up and 94 down. Running a line test on the talk talk website shows a fault has occurred. Previous advice has been to reset the modem (Eero as supplied by talk talk). This "fixes" the fault, but 2 week...

DHA_UK by Team Player
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2 Mbps download speed on Full Fibre 500 (CityFibre)

For the last couple of days my download speeds have been very low (1-3 Mbps) but the upload speeds have been normal (450+ Mbps). I have tried restarting the ONT and the router and have also tried using both 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi and I get slow speeds on ...

Chris211 by Chatterbox
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Told I need two eero devices for full fibre 900?

I've been told I need two eero devices to mesh and give me my full fibre 900? This doesn't sound right to me as I thought the mesh was only for wireless signal? Why would I only get 220mbps down and 800 mbps up over Ethernet cat8 on a single eero 6 p...

Djmcf by Popular Poster
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Full Fibre speed dropped after one day.

Had full fibre unexpectedly installed a couple of days ago. The install date given was 14th June but the openreach engineer turned up without prior warning. On install I was getting 520 Mbit download speed but since then the eero app shows 94 Mbit do...

twarde by Popular Poster
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Looking to go to full fibre... but!

I've been looking at going full fibre for a while now, but I've held back because I need that landline number for elderly relatives that rely on their landline to contact me. Is there a work around/solution to this, as all full fibre contracts mean n...

snapman by Conversation Starter
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Unreliable connections and slow speeds

My Fibre connection has been very unreliable over the last couple of weeks, often dropping off and then experiencing low speeds when connected. We are having to reboot the router quite regularly. The most recent speed test came out at about 6 MBps, t...

mrmos by Team Player
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Eero problems

Having alot of issue's with my eeros. I can't seems to get the settings page to work on any pc192.168.1.1 I have to adjust settings through a app which i don't have access too.I want to set up a vpn on my router and can'tI can't use team-viewer its w...


WHY did i stay with this ripoff crew , no help from anyone , slow speeds and disconnects , went from 60mbs to 60mbs and almost twice the price ? where is my 150mbs ?.. why am i paying for a service i do not get ?..About time something was done about ...

badmood by Whizz Kid
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Resolved! Can a DG8041W TalkTalk Router be used with Fibre 150?

I am moving home in July to a property that has only Full Fibre (FTTP). TalkTalk can provide me with a broadband package, so I can remain a customer, but no voice option. I understand that the copper at my new home is now classed as 'z code' meaning ...

LivingWise by Conversation Starter
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Speed upgrade not happened

Hi, am due to be upgraded from 150mb to 500mb speed but it hasn't happened yet. My upload has been 70mb for a few days now but my download is still only 150mb. Is there something that can be done to fix this?

dibdab by Participant
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Cityfibre - Upload Speeds

Hi, Can anyone that has an active TalkTalk Cityfibre connection run a speed test and confirm the download and upload speeds? Cityfibre advertise a symmetrical service, however sales and the website tell me that its 900 down, 100 up. All other Cityfib...

antuk by Team Player
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Upload speed a lot faster than advertised

Just in case anyone hasn't decided what to do when UFO finished on 29th May 2023.According to TalkTalk the upload speed on the replacement package is only a maximum of 115Mb/s (they have told me that a couple of times on the phone). This is not corre...

peteb99 by Whizz Kid
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Complaints flawed no call backs

Is the official policy of talk talk to just bury their head in the sands on complaints. The complaints website says to use webchat, but no specific complaints option, so go through the process of speaking to various departments, to be told someone wi...

Speed Upgrade

Hi, my fibre contract was changed from 500 to 900 a couple of days ago, my account says 900, however my download speeds are the same as before (500mbps). The upload seems to have improved (120mbps). Can somebody look at this please - don't want to be...

lewer by Participant
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Eero slow wifi

On the 14th, I went live and received two Eero Pro 6 boxes, but I'm experiencing slow performance despite having a 900Mbps package. When connected wirelessly, my devices are only getting speeds between 30Mbps to 120Mbps, making it difficult for me to...

Eero Mesh Coverage

Hi AllI have FF900 Mbbps package with Eero router and additional Eero node. When near the Eero we get v good wifi speed but the range is bad. I have them placed as per the instructions - not near electrical devices, flat at waist height on furniture....

email3g by Participant
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Fibre 150

Since upgrading my broadband to the Amazon echo route fibre 150 I have had AWFUL connection it always drops. It doesn’t reach to the back of my house. I work from home and it’s ridiculous having such an unstable connection. My speed on contract state...

Upgrade speed not working

Hoping someone could help. I recently upgrade from fibre500 to fibre900 as my contract was up for renewal but I am still only getting around 500mb. I have restarted the router on a few occasions and received confirmation by email to say my new fibre ...


Signed up for FF150 on 9 Jan 2023. After 7 alleged live dates I eventually got connected on 15 Mar. I have a complaint (CMP 396535) ongoing and have been promised resolution many times with no result and no calls. They were to call me yesterday (29th...

Only getting 30mbps on 500mbps internet with Ethernet

Hi there, I used to have 73mbps internet connected to my upstairs desktop computer through TP Link Powerline Adapters (AV600) as the router is on the ground floor in the hallway and my computer is on the second floor. After upgrading to 500mbps, I us...

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