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Future Fibre
We’re rolling out the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband nationwide – Future Fibre. If you've got a question about amazon eero or our fibre to the home service then this is the place for you.
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Forum Posts

Future Fibre is aptly named

Since March the 15th I have had my order for FF and voice placed three times. Each time when I called a few days later to confirm was told the order was placed incorrectly in the system so had to place a new order. Hours on chat and the phone has got...

Jer999 by Conversation Starter
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Setting up dedicated voip phone

I have bought a dedicated VOIP phone to use with TalkTalk Digital Voice but it seems to need to be configured to work. It doesn't work by just plugging into my Asus gaming router (which I prefer to the eero). I have contacted via chat but got nowhere...

CollyW1 by Team Player
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Resolved! Phone Voice Adapter and Eero

I had Full Fibre 150 installed a month ago with a Eero Router and a Voip box for the landline. I get excellent broadband through the Eero router and the landline has been fine. On a couple of occasions the landline stopped working with a message on t...

PaulE by Team Player
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FTTP Upgrade Issues with no resolution in sight

Hi All,I'm a long-standing customer of plus 8 years and feel that says something about TalkTalk and feel the service in the past was good. From here on I will use following abbreviations; TT = TalkTalk CF = City Fibre. My issue has been going on for ...

Bozza by Popular Poster
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Future Fibre 150 SIP Configuration Settings

Hi I have recently had Fibre 150 installed and all is working. My phone is currently connected to the supplied Phone Adapter (Grandstream HT801). My house phone, (a Siemens Gigaset SL45) is connected to a Siemens N300A IP Base station. The base stati...

SRear by Popular Poster
  • 30 replies
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New Router

Out of the blue a couple of weeks back, I had a text from Openreach, advising that FF was to be installed. I hadn't asked for it, but thought OK. Guy came yesterday and did the necessary. However, I now have no dial tone on my land line and he didn't...

IanA1 by First Timer
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FTTP installation details

Several queries please:Am I allowed to position my router many meters from the Fibre Connection Box (over ethernet), or does it have to be positioned right next to the FCB?Why do I need to provide TWO mains sockets? Is one just for a router?Can the T...

MarkDirac by Conversation Starter
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Future Fibre (Full Fibre)

I am hoping that someone can give me clear information about "Future Fibre" installation.I recently received an email from TalkTalk asking me to phone them about installing Full Fibre to the property. The email said this was as part of the national u...

TECHRAY by Team Player
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Future Fibre and retaining a phone service on upgrade

Could someone from TT please give a definitive answer as there is now contradictory information from forum staff. A staff member has today posted that upgrades to Future Fibre are available with either VoIP or the copper line can be retained for the ...


I want to use a dual FXS port voice adapter (instead of the single port one being supplied) with my planned future fibre 150 upgrade but would need to know the voip provider that talktalk use in order to set it up. Does anyone have this information o...

CollyW1 by Team Player
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Future Fibre Free Upgrade

I have been offered a free upgrade to Future Fibre with no change in my current contract or increase charge.My question is it possible to upgrade to Future Fibre with a VOIP service as I thought VOIP is not available currently with TalkTalk?Thanks157...

15763del by Team Player
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trial future fibre no phone again

I have the new future fibre with voip but noticed tonight no dial tone on home phone. I shut every thing down and reset everything, this has worked as now have dial tone but now, for the second time, can not ring through on my mobile phone even thoug...

No caller id with VOIP

Hi, I no longer has caller ID on my phone since having VOIP setup. I’m on a trial for voip, I can receive and make calls but when someone rings no phone number is displayed, is this available?

Digital Voice Trial Invite

Hi,Received the below email and took the associated survey, not heard anything since...."Great news, Matthew. We’re offering you the chance to upgrade to Future Fibre on an 18 month contract, giving you average speeds up to 500Mb/s. This means we’ll ...

New full fibre no voip?

yesterday had full fibre with voip installed every thing works except phone, go into hub2 page and it says phone not registered and on main phone page says disabled. when bt man left he said all is working OK. I contacted, via bot service talktalk bu...