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This area is now closed.

Our new community has been live for a while now as such we've decided to close our dedicated feedback board and in stead ask that any and all feedback you have about the site is shared in one of the many other boards we have and a member of the team ...

StephenF by Community Manager
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Third time trying to suggest stuff is the charm?

I recently joined the community because a change in policy made online chat support unusable for me. I have found the very few people I've interacted with so far to be friendly and willing to try and help. I have also found this to be hands down the ...

Testing my ability to post

Several times now I've tried to write a long, detailed post about various usability issues on the site.Each attempt seems to have vanished.I've invested a lot of time in this, so I'm just checking; is this far simpler post actually going to make it, ...

Notification Feed

If one has multiple notifications in their Notification Feed then clicking on any one of them marks all of them as read. It would be better if only marked the notification you clicked on as read, rather than all of them. This occurs with following op...

New look layout. Total failure in my eyes

Menu's dont fit correctly. O jeez 5 mins and counting on how to login to community Is it my normal account or the the community account. Not sure. Sorry guys it's a mess. Nice eye candy when you get used to it, but i spent a good 10 mins finding how ...

paulshent by Community Star
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