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Ultra Fibre Optic broadband that speeds into your home at 1000Mb. It’s ultrafast and ultra-reliable, with totally unlimited uploads and downloads
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Forum Posts

Fibre Fault. BT Openreach won't send engineer.

Had Full fibre installed on the 24th May. Talk talk hadn't sent a router so I couldn't check if the install worked or not. When I did get the router, no internet. When I call Talk Talk fibre support, they speak to Openreach who say there is an error ...

sirlewis by Repeat Guest
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Hi. Cityfibre laid the cable for my address December 2020.10 houses at the end of my road and around 20 houses at the beginning of the road have been switched on for FTTH broadband. That leaves around 10 houses in the middle of the road that still ha...

Gsuk1 by Repeat Guest
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No Landline ?

Hi,I recently received Email from TalkTalk informing me that there is to be a price increase and I can leave if I wish. It also offered the opportunity to move up to 'Ultra Fast' which I am interested in but there is no option for a landline which we...

shedload by Popular Poster
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LAN light flashing

HiOn my UFO Homeport the LAN light is flashing on and off. When I look at the light guide it only gives the option of on or off. I noticed when I did a speed check on my PC (hardwired) and got a speed of 170mb instead of the guarenteed minimum of 450...

20210525_230536.jpg received_2941044186020242.jpeg
ghirst by Participant
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UFO - worked for a day then stopped

Hi, I've got an issue logged with the support team but wondering if anyone in the community had been through similar experience and could share anything? Context below: Had UFO installed on the 10th May, working as expected for a day. Then on 12th ju...

UFO problem

I've been dealing with the dedicated UFO helpline. We've had UFO for 20 months but have started to lose connection. Everything stops working and the router has to be turned off and back on. It has now happened on 9 days in past 3 weeks (5 times with ...

Matbeck by First Timer
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UFO Connected No Internet

We've been without internet for about a week and an half now.When I reported it I got the usual, "the problem is probably with your set up so check connections reset the router etc etc."After doing all that they sent me a new router which I installed...

Baz46 by Popular Poster
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Connected but no internet on certain devices

HI, I have UFO and it's been working great for the last few months. However today I've noticed that there are a couple of devices that connect to the hub but have no internet whereas other devices connect and work fine.In particular my firestick all ...

UFO Availability in Bolton

Hi, Does anyone know if UFO is going to be available in Bolton or is this just a York thing? Checking my address in the Cityfibre website it says TalkTalk is now available at my address. However calling them this morning I got told UFO is York only a...

Atomic4l by First Timer
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Slow Broadband

A month or so ago I noticed a change in my phone's ring tone - similar to that found in the USA, which would indicate a change in Network equipment. Since then my router has been randomly disconnecting. There has also been a noticeable drop in speed,...

John07 by Team Player
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Waiting for an engineer

My UFO stopped working on Monday morning. I called support at 9am and was told an engineer would be out in 24-48h to fix it.Still no sign of an engineer yet so any idea of how long can I expect to wait? Is there any way to get TalkTalk to look in to ...

OKS34 by First Timer
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WiFi Speed/Connectivity

I have UFO broadband yet my connectivity drops every 6 hours or so requiring me to reconnect, and download/upload speeds are never higher than 60Mbps. What is the reason for this and what do I do to get the performance improved?

JohnR7 by First Timer
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UFO not working Dewsbury?

Hi My UFO broadband is not working this morning. The red LOS light is flashing on the modem (the box attached to the wall). The online chat seems to be unavailable and I can’t seem to find a phone number to ring, can someone escalate this for me plea...