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Ultra Fibre Optic broadband that speeds into your home at 1000Mb. It’s ultrafast and ultra-reliable, with totally unlimited uploads and downloads
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Has anyone managed to get any UFO support lately? My internet has ben dropping out regularly for a few days. As usual, the "service centre" can never test things properly. I WFH so not ideal. They're usually pretty speedy at picking up the phone, but...

Naomi10 by First Timer
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Rawcliffe York outage

Had no internet or phone all afternoon, passed around on the phone for an hour and got nowhere. Was on support chat for an hour, never got passed a bot, can an admin here please escalate as I cannot speak to anyone. Thanks.

High charges and No internet

Hi, I have been with talaktalk for long time and never had bad experience but things are changed now. My talktalk contract ended on 02/Apr/2022, before the end of my contract I received an email to upgrade to a new contract. When I click on the link ...

ccreddy_0-1652182203844.jpeg ccreddy_1-1652182496938.png
ccreddy by First Timer
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UFO York down

Is anyone's UFO in York still working? My whole street has been down since late Saturday night. The line seems to be fine but we don't get any response from the DHCP server, very annoying.Incredibly the UFO helpline is not open on a Sunday so we can'...

peteb99 by Whizz Kid
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Sick of been lied to

i have had the service for a number of years nothing but problems , ranging from phone ringing constantly in the early hours , to nothing working at all , now northen gas has cut the fibre over 3 weeks ago , today i was told they have replaced the fi...


WiFi Booster needed?

I keep my Epson printer in another room from my router. It often fails to print and the error message says "communications error". I've read that I can get a booster to plug into that room but to be honest the printer wifi status always says the sign...