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Ultra Fibre Optic broadband that speeds into your home at 1000Mb. It’s ultrafast and ultra-reliable, with totally unlimited uploads and downloads
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Forum Posts

Logging into my account problem 1

When I log into my account the icon 'preparing' your bill shows on the screen. Message at bottom left of screen indicates it is connecting followed by ''I am left with a totally blank screen

No_body by Chatterbox
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Sick of been lied to

i have had the service for a number of years nothing but problems , ranging from phone ringing constantly in the early hours , to nothing working at all , now northen gas has cut the fibre over 3 weeks ago , today i was told they have replaced the fi...


UFO York ending in April replaced by Future Fibre

Hello - I am an original York UFO pilot customer with full fibre to the house. My contract is due for renewal July 2022 so I have contacted TT to review my options. The chat advisor told me York UFO trial is ending and to re-contact TT in April 2022 ...

Ufo renewal

My initial contract for UFO finishes in March. I’ve been trying to get a renewal price/deal but seems difficult. Phoned talk talk who said they don’t usually deal with ufo but quoted £48 - which is £20 more than current price. Will other bills such a...

My UFO experience so far

Hi guys hope you are all doing well. I recently decide to switch to talktalk and decided to go with their UFO service in York. Signed up online, all smooth got an engineer date booked for 3rd Jan got confirmation from talk talk that’s when my service...

Yal87 by Popular Poster
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Somehow TalkTalk has chosen a very complicated name for me (as you can see). At first I thought it was an error message. How can I change it to something more memorable? Apologies if this is in completely the wrong part of the system - couldn't find ...

NickPR by First Timer
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UFO availability, Huntington - York

Hi, My road in Huntington was dug up 4 weeks ago and UFO installed. However it isn't showing as available on the website. How long does it take roughly from being road installed to being able to order it on the TT website please?

Free gift

I,v just re newed my contract for fibre connection and there was a free gift offered… a Amazon dot with plug or ring doorbell but I can’t seem to claim the ring doorbell it’s saying it will send a voucher for the Amazon dot after 37days of going live...

Sarah717 by Chatterbox
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Upgrade to UFO

Hi, a couple of months ago I got a sales call about upgrading to UFO, I was offered it at £22. I declined at the time but now I would like to upgrade. I've tried the upgrade section in my account & also tried this shop link for UFO but it said the fo...

Amazon alexa voucher code not working

I have put the code on my community profile private notes.I definitely have the correct item sold by amazon and not a third party in cart as I followed the link and double checked after seeing other peoples posts about this. I also and cut and paste ...

Eleanor77 by Popular Poster
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Anybody sucessfully redeemed the Ring Doorbell code yet?

If so, can you please explain how you went about it, please? I've tried everything that has been discussed, including:Making sure I order from Amazon EU SarlTrying to change delivery address to a local lockerChoosing free delivery optionChoosing a pa...

Redeem Code does not work

Hi, I have received an email with my code to redeem an Amazon tech pack today. The code does not work though. I have followed both Amazon and talk talk troubleshooting but had no luck.

mehr9n by First Timer
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New UFO Customer - Date Change etc.

Hi, I'm a new UFO customer with an engineer visit due later this week but I have some questions I need to raise before the visit. I've tried a few times via customer services but have not managed to get very far. Three easier questions are:Do Talktal...

Hedgeb by First Timer
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Ring Indoor CAM - No email received

I'm seeing lots of people that have received their email with invalid codes, I haven't even received an email, and yes, I check my spam folders. Would be nice to know what's going on TalkTalk - to be honest, this was the only reason I renewed my cont...

Spiceyd1 by First Timer
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