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First you need to activate Last caller Barring within My Account    To block the last number to call you:   1.       After the number you want to block has called you, dial       2.       Confirm this by dialling      The last number to call you will now be blocked.   To enter a specific number you’d like blocked:   1.       Dial     2.       When prompted to manage your list of barred numbers enter your PIN (default is)     3.       Select ‘Review your barred numbers list and edit it’   4.       Now follow the instructions on the phone.   The number(s) you’ve entered will now be blocked from calling you.   You can also change your Last Caller Barring PIN using your phone. To do this:   1.       Dial      2.       Immediately enter your PIN (default is       3.       Select ‘Change your PIN’   4.       Now follow the instructions on the phone.    
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