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About Total Home Wi-Fi

We’ve partnered with Amazon eero to bring you the best Wi-Fi experience, combining the latest Wi-Fi 6 tech with an easy-to-use app for connecting and managing your devices safely and securely. The eero Wi-Fi mesh network is super smart and seamless — it keeps your devices connected, around the home, all the time. The eero system starts with one eero device connected to your fibre connection, but can be extended with further eeros to spread your Wi-Fi signal further. Total Home Wi-Fi takes eero to the next level by guaranteeing great Wi-Fi throughout your home, and by great Wi-Fi we mean at least 10Mbps, which is enough to stream in HD.



unleash the power of Wi-Fi 6

Here’s a few tips for getting the best performance from your extended network.


Location, location, location

The best seat in the house for your router is on a flat, open surface, ideally halfway be-tween the ceiling and floor.

Beware of signal scramblers

We’re talking microwaves, ovens, cordless phones, or other large electronic devices – these can interfere with your connection.



Keep in touch

Your Amazon eero routers need to talk to each other, so avoid placing them in Wi-Fi dead spots or near thick walls.


Setting up

The best place to install your eero is halfway between your eero gateway and the room that is furthest from the gateway. We recommend that there are no more than two walls or one floor between each eero.

Problems with
some devices?

Your eero uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and any devices you use will need to be compatible. For help with problem devices working with your new Wi-Fi 6 network.


Keep in mind

Setting up your extra eero closer to an existing one at first will allow them to establish a connection. 
You can always experiment with the positioning of your eeros for best coverage and speed once they are set up.




If you've moved your eeros around and you're still not getting coverage everywhere you need it, you might need more eeros in your home network. Message our live chat team to request additional eeros for your home.