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About the Kids TV Remote

Version History
Last update:
‎23-06-2021 10:35 PM
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Our Kids TV remote has been specially designed to make it easy for children to find the TV shows they love. It was available to our existing customers with the Kids Boost. See below for more information about the remote.


Due to a change in content delivery, from the 29th April 2021, TalkTalk TV Kids is no longer available. Please use your parent (main) remote to navigate More TV.


Features & Benefits

  • You can hide shows you don’t want your children to see
  • You can set reminders that tell them how much TV time they have left before bedtime
  • The remote takes your children straight to the top kids shows On Demand
  • It's designed by kids, for kids, so it's really easy to use


Setup & Using

Setting up your new Kids Remote is easy. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Switch on your TV and TalkTalk TV box
  2. Remove the plastic battery tag from the remote
  3. Press any button to load the set-up screen
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Note: You can press any button on your Kids Remote to go to the Kids Zone instantly. It's a safe place where your kids can choose and watch their favourite TV shows.


Setting up parental control

While you're in Kids Zone, press OK on the parent remote to set up parental controls, followed by entering the numbers that appear on your screen to set up the app. 

Create your child's playlist

You can customise a personal playlist for your child from within the Kids Zone, Press the OK button on your parent remote to enter the Parent zone. Here you can select what your children can watch by pressing OK on your parent remote to show or hide a programme. 

Note: Whenever you’re in the Kids Zone, you can easily get back to Parent Zone by pressing the OK button on your remote.  

 Setting a bedtime

This is a great feature. If you don’t want your children watching TV at a certain time or you want to set a bedtime, you can do that too. You can even press the yellow button on your parent remote while they’re watching to switch off the TV when their show finishes

Follow the steps below to set up a regular bedtime.

  1. Press OK on your parent remote
  2. Enter the four digit code displayed on the screen
  3. Select Go to Menu
  4. Select TV time
  5. Choose the time period that you want the Kid Zone app to be in sleep mode to prevent access from the Kids Remote

When it's bedtime, an animated sleepy face will pop up reminding you that bedtime is about to start. It will also appear if your child tries using their Kids Remote during their bedtime hours.



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