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Deleted Email error message

If you try to log in to TalkTalk Mail and see a message saying: The mailbox associated with this email address has been permanently deleted due to inactivity or on your request. This means the username and password you entered are correct but unfortunately the mailbox you are trying to access has been permanently removed.

The email address associated with this mailbox is no longer valid. Anyone who tries to send an email to this address will receive an error message confirming that their email cannot be delivered because the mailbox is closed.


Why it was removed

You may have removed the mailbox yourself by going to My Account. Our system also automatically deletes mailboxes that haven’t been used within 6 months. If you haven’t logged into your mailbox on (or using a third-party application configured with the correct POP or IMAP settings) for over 6 months, your mailbox probably got deleted for this reason.


accessing content that was in this mailbox

Unfortunately, all the content of this mailbox has been permanently deleted. Unless you previously downloaded your messages into a third-party application, you will not be able to access them again.


creating a mailbox with the same email address

With our current system, it is not possible to create an email address that has been previously used.