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Good Network Guidelines

We want to make sure all our customers get the best possible service from our TalkTalk Mobile service, so – like all other phone companies – we have Good Network Guidelines. They help to make sure that you get the service you want, all day every day.

At some times of the day, parts of our network can become congested, so you might find things moving slowly on your phone. We keep a constant eye on things to even out the flow of data and keep everyone’s service moving equally quickly.

If we believe that some customers are using too much data and slowing the network down, we will ask them to cut their usage and we may not renew their monthly unlimited calls or data boosts. We do this to protect the network and provide a good experience for you and all our other customers.

It’s very unlikely that your usage will cause a problem, but here are some things to avoid:

  • Streaming movies to your phone
  • Downloading large files to your phone
  • Making excessive numbers of calls

Here are our Mobile T&C's. If you're concerned about how much data you’re using, please see All about mobile data for some great advice.


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