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Mobile pricing

Your TalkTalk mobile plan includes a generous allowance of UK calls, text messages (SMS) and internet data. As long as you stay within this allowance every month, you won’t be charged a penny more than your set monthly rate. But if you go over your allowance or use it outside the EU (Zone 1), you’ll be charged extra. You'll find details of these charges below.

If you go over your allowance, you’ll be charged extra – these are called “out-of-bundle” charges. This table shows you how much you’ll pay.


This table shows the out of bundle mobile call charges
Call Charges Per minute
Calls to standard UK landline 50p
Calls to UK mobiles 50p
Calls to 0300 & 0345 50p outside bundle
Freephone numbers (0800, 0808 and 0500) FREE
Non Geographic - Access Charge (084, 087, 09 and 118) 25p + Service Charge* 
Video calls to UK mobiles  60p
Emergency services (999 & 112) FREE
Non-emergency services (101) FREE
Retrieving voicemail in the UK Included 
Calls to Customer Services Free
*Call charges to 084/087/09/118 numbers are made up of two parts (To find the total cost of the call, simply add both of the below together):

1) Access Charge: This is what TalkTalk will charge you for connecting the call. 
2) Service Charge: This is what the organisation you're calling will charge you. 


This table shows the out of bundle mobile messaging charges
Messaging Charges Per message
SMS to UK mobile 15p
International SMS (EU/EEA†) 6p
International SMS (Rest of the world) 20p
Picture message (or other MMS) 35p
International picture message (or other MMS) 60p

†Aaland Islands, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


This table shows the out of bundle mobile data charges
Mobile Data Charges
Mobile Data (MB)
For more information, please see All about mobile Data
£2 per 50 MB per day

If you go over 50MB in a day you will be charged an additional £2.00 for every 50MB. This allowance refreshes daily.


Here is your complete guide to pricing on our mobile plans, including full details of:

  • Using your mobile in the UK
  • Calling an international destination from the UK
  • High risk international destinations
  • International charges when abroad
  • Premium rate charges
  • Late payment fee

Current price guide

Here are the full pricing details for TalkTalk Mobile, valid from 1st October 2019


Previous Price Guide
For information on past prices, Download a copy of our Previous Price Guide PDF 625kb


You can use your mobile phone across Europe while on holiday or on business without it costing you any extra. This means you can use your mobile phone exactly as you would at home with no worries about extra bills when you get back. You'll still need to call us to activate roaming before you leave the UK. Please see Using TalkTalk Mobile abroad for more information and a list of included countries.

Roam Like at Home is for UK customers travelling abroad, so if you’re in Europe for more than just a holiday or business trip, some additional charges may apply. Please see our T&C's for more information.


This table shows the charges when roaming abroad
This table shows the charges when roaming abroad
Zone Making a call
(per minute)
Receiving a call
(per minute)
(per message)
(per Megabyte)
Zone Europe
(EU & non-EU - some exclusions apply)
Out of UK bundle or 50p Free Out of UK bundle or 15p Out of UK bundle or £2 per 50 MB per day
Zone 2
Asia Pacific
95p 65p Zones 2,3,4 & Maritime 50p per text plus your UK/international text message rate    £3.00
Zone 3
USA and Canada
£1.20 75p £3.00 
Zone 4
Rest of the world (including Switzerland)
£1.65 £1.10  £3.00 
Maritime networks
(SEA, AAM & AAQ) Cruises, ships and ferries
 £1.65 £1.10 £3.00 


This table shows the charges when roaming abroad
Zone Picture message
(per message)
Making a video call
(per minute)
Receiving a video call
(per Minute)
Zone Europe
(EU & non-EU - some exclusions apply)
35p* 60p Free
Zone 2
Asia Pacific
60p* £3.50 £2.50
Zone 3
USA and Canada
60p* £3.50 £2.50 
Zone 4
Rest of the world (including Switzerland)
60p* £3.50  £2.50 
Maritime networks
(SEA, AAM & AAQ) Cruises, ships and ferries
 60p* £3.50 £2.50 

*Plus data charge which is dependent upon the size of the picture. 

Please see the Full Roaming Guide below to see which countries are included in the four zones.

This is the number of minutes of call time included in your plan. If the total time you spend on the phone to standard rate UK landlines and mobiles each month is less than your Inclusive Calls allowance, you won’t pay any extra.

Inclusive Calls will be displayed on your bill under National Calls and will be billed at 0.00.


On Net/TalkTalk Mobile Minutes

This is your free allowance for calling other TalkTalk mobiles. The number of minutes included depends on your plan.

You can view your allowance and how many minutes you have left in My Account under TalkTalk Mobile Minutes. These minutes will also be detailed on your bill under On Net Calls.


Family Circle Calls

These are FREE calls between any mobile (or SIM) and the TalkTalk landline they are linked to.

You can see these calls on your bill under Family Circle Calls.


If you joined TalkTalk mobile online before 17 July 2017, we automatically doubled your data allowance for the full length of your contract. That means you can surf the web longer, send more emails and download more photos and music. To view your current package and data allowance, visit My Account.


How long does my monthly allowance last?

Your calls, text and data allowance for your plan last for a full calendar month and doesn't rollover. When you joined TalkTalk Mobile we’ll have given you a billing date, which is the date your bill will be ready to view each month. It’s also the date that your allowance of calls, texts and data will be refreshed each month.