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Power of Attorney/Authority to Act

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There are many reasons why you may need to appoint a Power of Attorney Nominee to manage your TalkTalk account. The most common ones are:

  • Temporary - If you're hospitalised, in poor health or out of the country
  • Permanently - If you're no longer able to manage your personal accounts
  • If you're someone who is now managing the TalkTalk account holder's affairs.


Why we require Proof of Authority to appoint a nominee

Due to Data Protection regulations, we have a responsibility to ensure that we're protecting your personal information, which is why we request proof of authority.


What proof we accept

In order to process a Power of Attorney/Authority to Act, we require you to provide the TalkTalk Account holder’s details together with the potential Power of Attorney’s information. As Power of Attorney, you won’t be liable for any charges on your account, because you’re not the named account holder, but you will be able to make decisions on behalf of the account holder. We also require one of the following:

  • A Power of Attorney, which is Registered with the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Solicitor’s Letter
  • Court Order
  • Medical Consent letter

You should only include a copy of the proof as we’re unable to return it to you.


Submitting a Power of Attorney / Authority to Act request

To submit a request you'll need to get in touch using one of the options below. One of our agents will then send you a form to fill in and submit. Once we receive the completed form, we’ll update the account within 28 days. If you'd like to find out more about Power of Attorney, you can visit the government help page.


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