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SuperSafe Overview

Protect yourself and your family online with our award-winning software developed by Internet security specialist F-Secure.  SuperSafe App  protects you against Internet threats including viruses, worms, spyware, phishing attacks, and hackers. It also includes parental controls and a secure password manager.

You won't even need to worry about keeping the software up to date, it updates itself automatically.


What is SuperSafe?

Supersafe is a £6 per month add-on for TalkTalk broadband that provides internet security software for up to 10 computers, tablets and mobile phones to protect against viruses, ransomware, malicious websites and phishing scams. Also included in the App is a  secure password manager to store and manage your passwords and credit card details, for more information see our article Password Manager 

The SuperSafe app gives you full control to manage the licenses you have, who they've been issued to and what devices have it. You can release licenses, as well as invite your family to protect their devices.



  1. Click Add person
  2. Enter the details of the person you'd like to share a license with (First Name, Last Name and Email Address)
  3. Click Send Invitation

The person you've shared a license with will receive an activation email including a link to create an account in order to join your group. Once the person has registered they can protect their devices. Other people who are in the group can view which of their own devices are protected by SuperSafe.

You as the main account holder can see all devices in the SuperSafe App.


No problem. Here's what to do:

  1. Log in to your SuperSafe App
  2. Select Forgot your password?
  3. Enter your email address and choose Send. (Note! This needs to be your TalkTalk My Account email address)
  4. You'll receive an email shortly with instructions on how to reset your password

Unable to find your email? If you've not received your forgotten password link email then it's worth checking your spam folder in Webmail.

If you're struggling to reset your password, you can contact us.


You can access SuperSafe through My Account, which will direct you to the login page to sign in.
To view your information in your SuperSafe App simply select Account details, which will show you the information you entered upon registration and the choices you've made in terms of the service notifications.


This table shows what devices  SuperSafe works on
Protection Device
Windows PC Mac Android iOS
Malware Protection    
Browsing Protection        
Banking Protection        
Privacy Protection        
Parental Control        
Password Manager        


This table shows SuperSafe features
Feature Description
Banking Protection
  1. Secures your online connection
  2. Blocks all incoming activities - so your connection cannot be hijacked and your personal details are safe
  3. Automatic start-up every time you go to your bank's website on any device, it turns on automatically
  4. Email Scam Protection - this stops you from opening links to unsafe websites (such as fake banking sites) sent as links within emails or SMS' messages

    This is available on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS and WP8
Antivirus Virus Cloud-based scanning technology

Automatically scans all files, applications, emails and downloads for up-to-the-minute threat detection. When a new threat is identified, you're the first to be protected

This is available on PC, Mac and Android

Virus Clean-up tool

Enhanced malware removal means viruses are immediately put into quarantine

This is only available on Windows PC


Advanced protection, blocking applications and web pages that show malicious behaviour

This is available for Windows PC and Mac

Network checker

Automatically checks network safety and alerts you if the network is not safe

This is available only on Windows PC


This is a security-enhanced search engine that provides a website rating when searching online so you know what's safe and what's not.

Website checker - a safety rating is given to each website so you can avoid unsafe content even before you click

Automatic filter - filtering out adult content and explicit images for child-friendly searching

Browser friendly - works easily with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox

*Not available for mobile users

Browsing Protection

Some websites are created to collect personal information

Browsing Protection checks every page you access before it loads on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. It marks every page as either Safe or Unsafe. Safe pages are uninterrupted, unsafe pages are blocked

*This is available on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8

Parental Control

Parental Control Browsing - stops access to websites you choose, based on content topics

approved list Browsing - create a list of websites your child is allowed to access

Time limits - Set times your children can go online or use Apps, games and social media

Safe apps - (Android only) - authorise what apps your child installs on their mobile or tablet, one by one

*This is available on Windows PC, Android and iOS 

Password Manager

Secure password storage - Store your passwords securely. You only need to remember one password

Create strong passwords - One strong and unique password and help improve your password practices

Use on any device - Access all your important services anytime and anywhere


SuperSafe Search is a security-enhanced search engine. While you search online, it provides you with a website safety rating, which is a great way to keep both your personal details and your devices protected from online threats. The rating will let you know which websites are safe and which to avoid - even before you click on the link.

When you have this feature enabled, it will check for known harmful websites such as phishing sites, which will try to steal your personal information and sites that spread malware. 

SuperSafe Search automatically filters out explicit and adult images too, which makes it a more suitable search engine for children to use.


HomeSafe and SuperSafe are two different tools which work in different ways. We recommend using them together to offer the best protection against online threats.

    • SuperSafe protects a specific device whenever it’s online, fighting viruses that try to infect your devices and securing your banking and shopping. It’s software that you download onto any mobile tablet or computer. 
    • HomeSafe is a family-friendly web filter for your home Wi-Fi. It blocks inappropriate content (KidSafe) as well as sites that could harbour malware (Virus Alerts) for any device that’s connecting to it. It’s free, there’s nothing to download, and you just activate it in My Account.


To learn more, read our HomeSafe Overview.

If you're experiencing problems using SuperSafe, take a look at SuperSafe Troubleshooting