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SuperSafe for Windows PC

Protect yourself and your family online with our award-winning software, developed by Internet security specialist F-Secure. SuperSafe protects you against Internet threats including viruses, worms, spyware, phishing attacks, hackers and also includes parental controls.


Unable to find your activation email? If you've still not received your activation or the forgotten password link email then it's worth checking your spam folder in Webmail.


Follow the steps below to opt-in for SuperSafe in My Account. If you've already opted in, go on to Step 2.


  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Profile & Settings in the navigation dropdown menu
  3. Select My Security Settings
  4. Under SuperSafe online security select Find out more
  5. Select the radio button for SuperSafe in the section called Manage your security
  6. Then choose the Confirm order button
  7. Once you've done this, you'll be sent your username, password and download link in an email from F-Secure

You will only be sent the email containing your username and password once. If you cancel, restart the subscription or upgrade/downgrade, you won't receive another email from F-Secure.

We recommend keeping the email safe and if you forget your password, you can reset it by selecting Forgot your password?
For more information on passwords, head over to Problems with SuperSafe

Step 2 - Install TalkTalk supersafe on your device

You'll need to do this part on your Windows PC

  1. Open your F-Secure email and click the download link.
  2. Alternatively, you can log in to SuperSafe through My Account, then choose Add Device
  3. The SuperSafe installer will open and the Windows PC option will already be highlighted. Choose Continue
  4.  A notification will appear at the bottom of your screen; click Run
  5. The software will need permission to make changes on your PC, click Yes
  6. Login to SuperSafe using your email address and password
  7. Once you’ve logged in you’ll need to give your PC a name. When you're happy, choose Continue
  8. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking Accept and install
  9. Your PC is now protected, and you can manage your license through your SuperSafe App
  10. Click on the SuperSafe App button to manage your security, view your protected devices and add more devices. 


If you'd like to share a license with a family member, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the SuperSafe App
  2. Click Add person
  3. Enter the details of the person you'd like to share a license with (First Name, Last Name and Email Address)
  4. Click Send Invitation

They'll receive an activation email including a link to create an account in order to join your group. Once they've registered they can protect their devices. Everyone in the group can view which of their own devices are protected by the SuperSafe . You as the main account holder can see all devices in the SuperSafe App


Please follow the steps below to uninstall the TalkTalk SuperSafe from your device.

For Operating Systems up to Windows 10:

  1. Go into Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs
  2. Select TalkTalk SuperSafe  from the list and click uninstall

For Windows 10:

  1. Go into Settings, click System, followed by Apps & Features
  2. Where you see Type an app name, type TalkTalk SuperSafe 
  3. Click the F-Secure SAFE with the TalkTalk SuperSafe Logo,
  4. Click uninstall
  5. You now need to confirm the uninstallation, click uninstall
  6. You may be asked to enter your computer's username and password
  7. Select either Remove selected applications or Remove all applications, and click Next
  8. Listed under Selected applications, you'll see SSB and then two sub-applications: Computer Security and Browsing Protection
  9. Select the ones you want to uninstall and click Next
  10. Follow the instructions, when the removal is complete, click close and TalkTalk SuperSafe will now be uninstalled

    If you're unable to remove the product through the normal uninstallation method and need to uninstall please go to the  F-secure website   

To release a license from SuperSafe , follow the steps below:

  • Log into the SuperSafe App
  • Select the device you’d like to release the license from
  • Click Release license
  • Again, click Release license

You’ve now successfully released a license, this device will no longer be protected by TalkTalk SuperSafe

The SuperSafe App allows you as the account holder to add devices as well as giving you the choice to share your licenses with family and friends. 


Virus Scan

  1. Open the TalkTalk SuperSafe on your Windows PC
  2. Simply click Scan


Checking Quarantined files

  1. Open the SuperSafe on your Windows PC
  2. Click Tools then Click Infection report (located at the bottom)
  3. The Quarantine will be visible where you can retrieve and delete infected objects
  4. Clicking Statistics will provide you with an overview of scanned files and applications you've blocked/allowed


  1. Open TalkTalk SuperSafe on your Windows PC
  2. Go to Settings
  3. You may be asked to enter your computer username/password
  4. Click Firewall (located on the left side)
  5. You can turn the Firewall on/off by using the slider in the top right corner

    Parental Controls block harmful websites to ensure the safety of your computer and personal data. You can have browsing protection place a reputation rating icon before each link on the search results page.

    To activate this feature simply tick the box where it says Show the reputation for websites in search results (Google, Yahoo and Bing)


  1. First, you'll need to close all of your browsers
  2. Now open TalkTalk SuperSafe by clicking the icon on your desktop
  3. Login if prompted
  4. Now select Browsing Protection at the bottom of the window
  5. In the toolbar to the left of your screen, choose Browser extensions
  6. Now select the Reinstall extensions button. Make sure the tick box next to Keep the extensions turned on is selected
  7. Click OK to close the window
  8. To make sure all changes take effect, reboot your computer
  9. To finish, open the new browser. You may be asked to confirm the extension
  10. Your new browser is now fully protected by TalkTalk SuperSafe


Banking Protection gives you peace of mind and keeps your transactions safe. It automatically switches on whenever you log in to your online banking or make a payment online, and only allows you to make transactions when your internet connection is secure enough.

If you don't want this feature to be active on your device, simply tick the box next to Do not interrupt my active internet connections.


  1. Open the TalkTalk SuperSafe on your Windows PC
  2. Click on Browsing protection
  3. Select the user for which you'd like to change the restrictions
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click Content Blocker (located on the left)
  6. You can turn the content blocker on using the slider located in the top right corner
  7. You have the option to either:

    Block web content (tick selected categories
    Allow only selected websites (this is suitable for younger children)

  8. If you want to allow a specific website simply select Allow only selected websites, Add, type in your chosen website and click OK


Search result filter


The search result filter is easy to use. If you want to filter adult content from search by making sure Google, Yahoo, and Bing use the Safe Search "strict" level, simply use the slider at the top right to activate this feature (if the slider is green this means it's activated). This is a great feature to protect children from seeing inappropriate web content.


Browsing time Restrictions

  1. Open TalkTalk SuperSafe on your Windows PC
  2. Click on Time limits
  3. You have the choice to either lock or block browsing. This can be activated using the slider. Please note: green times are permitted
  4. The maximum number of hours is the amount of time within the allowed hours that the user can use the computer or browse




TalkTalk SuperSafe is compatible with the following:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 and 8 (Arm-Based tablets are not supported)
  • Windows 7 (all editions)

System requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher
  • Memory requirements: 1 GB or more
  • Disk space: 1.2 GB free disk space
  • Internet (LAN or Wi-Fi) connection to validate your subscription and receive updates

The system must fulfil Windows minimum requirements as specified by Microsoft.