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SuperSafe for iPhone

We've been working with our Internet security specialists, F-Secure, to bring you a new and improved SuperSafe. This gives you even more protection against threats such as viruses, worms, spyware, phishing attacks and hackers. The software also comes with parental controls so you can look after the little ones.

SuperSafe is compatible with iOS 6 or later. Downloading is easy: just follow the steps below.


Unable to find your activation email? If you've still not received your activation or the forgotten password link email then it's worth checking your spam folder in Webmail.


To activate your protection, you’ll need to download and install SuperSafe on your iPhone.


Step 1 Opt-in for SuperSafe Boost

Follow the steps below to opt-in for SuperSafe Boost in the My Account section. If you've already opted in, go to Step 2.


  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Profile & Settings in the navigation dropdown menu
  3. Select My Security Settings
  4. Under SuperSafe online security select Find out more
  5. Select the radio button for SuperSafe in the section called Manage your security
  6. Then choose the Confirm order button
  7. Once you've done this, you'll be sent your username, password and download link in an email from F-Secure


Step 2 - Install SuperSafe on your iPhone

  1. Open your F-Secure email and tap the download link
  2. You can also open Safari then login to SuperSafe through My Account and tap Add Device
  3. SuperSafe installer will open and the iPhone or iPad option will already be highlighted
  4. Next tap Continue
  5. When the App Store has opened, tap Get and Install to start your download.
  6. Once the download has finished, tap Open
  7. Accept the terms and conditions by tapping Accept. The page will then load while SuperSafe Boost is activated
  8. Now you'll need to log in to your SuperSafe Account again and give your iPhone a name. When you're happy, tap Continue
  9. You'll see a message asking for permission for SuperSafe to use your location, tap Allow
  10. Your iPhone is now protected, and you can manage your license through your SuperSafe App


If you'd like to share a license with a family member, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the SuperSafe App
  2. Tap Add device
  3. You have 3 options My device, My child's device and Someone else's device
  4. Choose which option you want then Continue
  5. If you choose Someone else's device you will see a screen to Invite a person. Enter the details of the person you'd like to share a license with (First Name, Last Name and Email Address)
  6. Tap Send invitation

    The person you've shared a license with will receive an activation email, including a link to create their account. Once they’ve registered, they'll be able to protect their devices. Everyone who you’ve shared the license with will also be able to see which of their own devices are protected.

    As the main account holder, you can see all devices in the SuperSafe App


We've been busy with our partners over at F-Secure to bring you new features that will make protecting your family even easier. Here are the basic steps and as you go through setting it up on your iPhone there's a guide to enabling Parental Control on the phone.

  1. Log in with your SuperSafe account details
  2. Select who will use this device
  3. Add name and child's age range and tap Next
  4. Set up Family Rules. We recommend that you go through the next steps with your child and take the opportunity to explain why you're setting the rules and have a discussion around online boundaries.
  5. Set time limits
  6. Select the types of content that you want to block then tap next
  7. Tap next
  8. Tap skip after following instructions for Location Services
  9. You'll get a confirmation screen, then tap next
  10. Your child's phone is now protected


  1. From the main menu tap Parental control
  2. Enable Parental control
  3. Enable Security code and set a password
  4. Select Content blocking and choose which content you want to block



You can manage your devices through your SuperSafe App  From here, you can share your licenses with other people and 'release' licenses from devices. Once you've released a license, you can use it on another device.

You can remove TalkTalk SuperSafe from your device by pressing and holding the TalkTalk SuperSafe app icon for 3-5 seconds, then tap the X when it appears.