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Using TalkTalk Mobile abroad

If you’re going overseas with a TalkTalk Mobile phone for the first time, please contact us before you leave the UK and we'll activate it for you. Calls to Customer Services are free from your TalkTalk landline and mobile phone, wherever you are. 

If you've used your TalkTalk Mobile phone abroad before, you should be all set up. If you're not sure or you want to check, please call us.


You can use your mobile phone in the following countries without it costing you any extra. So you can make calls and texts and surf the web exactly as you would at home with no worries and no extra bills when you get back. You'll still need to call us to activate roaming before you leave the UK.

Roam Like at Home is for UK customers travelling abroad. If you’re in Europe for more than just a holiday or business trip, some additional charges may apply. Please see our Fair Use Policy for more information.

A table showing all the roam like at home destinations
Roam like at home destinations
Andorra Estonia Hungary Luxembourg Réunion
Austria Faroe Islands Iceland Madeira Romania
Azores Finland Ireland Malta Saint-Martin
Belgium France Isle of Man Martinique San Marino
Bulgaria French Guiana Italy Mayotte Slovakia
Canary Islands Germany Jersey Monaco Slovenia
Croatia Gibraltar Kosovo Netherlands Spain
Cyprus Greece Latvia Norway Sweden
Czech Republic Guadeloupe Liechtenstein Poland  
Denmark Guernsey Lithuania Portugal  


You won’t be able to use your included mobile minutes, texts and data allowances in Switzerland. This means all call charges, voicemail, internet use and outgoing texts whilst roaming in Switzerland will cost you the same as ‘Zone 4 - Rest of the World’. 


Rest of the World

All call charges, voicemail, internet use and outgoing texts whilst roaming outside of Europe are not included in your monthly plan. Roaming charges will be itemised separately on your bill as additional charges. You'll be charged for both making and receiving calls whilst abroad outside of Europe.


For a full list of countries and charges, please see Mobile pricing.


If you've already left the UK and haven't activated roaming, we'll do everything we can to activate it for you. It isn't always possible, because your mobile phone will be connected to an international network. Please call us from an alternative landline. 

We recommend you turn your mobile phone off and back on again approximately four hours after contacting us.


Welcome Message

When your mobile phone connects to the international network for the first time, we'll send you a welcome text message. It will tell you about any call, text, data and picture message charges for the country you're in. Please save the message for reference. 

We'll also include our Customer Service number that is free to call from your TalkTalk Mobile phone while abroad.


Mobile Data

If you want to stop your device using mobile data while abroad, you can turn it off.

The control is normally in the settings menu option, but it does vary from phone to phone. If you're going to leave mobile data on, please see All about Mobile Data for hints and tips on controlling and monitoring your usage.


Close to a border?

If you're close to an international border, you might find your mobile phone will pick up a signal from a nearby country. For example, if you're close to the border whilst in Finland (zone 1), you could pick up the signal from Russia (zone 4). That could cost you more. Please see Mobile pricing for a list of zones and roaming charges.

Check the name of the network shown on your mobile phone if you're near a border. Or turn off automatic network selection and choose a network for the country you're in. This option is normally found in the Settings menu. 


Please see Using your mobile phone voicemail for all the information you need.


If you can use a free Wi-Fi connection from a hotel, restaurant or cafe, you won't incur any charges from TalkTalk for the data you use.


Yes, you'll have a data limit while roaming. Please see 'Roaming data alert' on Mobile usage alerts for more information.


  • Check your mobile is set up correctly for photo messaging before you leave the UK. 
  • Turn off data when you’re not using it. If you don’t turn it off in your mobile phone settings menu, your apps and emails will update in the background and use data, costing you money.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi when it’s available. It’s usually free to use, but you should still check. Some hotels and restaurants do charge for Wi-Fi.
  • Keep your voicemail security code handy. If you miss a call, we’ll send you a text to let you know. You’ll need your voicemail PIN to listen to it.