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Using TalkTalk TV Multiroom

TalkTalk TV keeps things simple and we’re here to help you make sense of it all. We've launched the brand new next-gen TalkTalk TV 4K box which will take your TV experience to the next level! A faster, smarter, simpler way to watch everything you love. A world of amazing content, in one place, one box and one remote.

Following the launch of our TalkTalk TV 4K Box, we are no longer offering our Multi-room service.

Why is Multi-room no longer available?

The world of TV content has got very confusing! Gone are the days of five channels on the TV set. Now it’s all about streaming services, on demand players, catch up, HD, UHD, not to mention all the great free to air content. Accessing all this great content can be confusing too – lots of boxes, sticks, consoles and all the remotes!

With changes in technology and the way our customers watch TV, we have decided to keep it simple with a world of amazing content, in one place, one box and one remote. 

Will my existing Multi-room service continue?

Yes, if you're already an existing Multi-room customer using a TalkTalk TV or TalkTalk TV Plus Box, you can continue to use the service.  

If you upgrade your TV box in the future to our TalkTalk TV 4K Box, you'll be unable to use your additional TV box and your Multi-room service will come to an end.


Information for existing Multi-room customers

Watching the same channel on two TV boxes

Multi-room TV allows the viewing of two different Boost channels at the same time. You may find that if you try to watch the same Boost channel on both boxes at the same time, you may experience issues.  This only affects Boost channels and not free-to-air channels (so long as you have an aerial in both boxes).

If you're not trying to watch the same channel concurrently, check that your other box is switched off. It might be playing something even though your TV is off.

TV settings on your additional box

The majority of your TV settings on your current TalkTalk TV box will also be on the multi-room one. Parental locks, however, will not roll over onto your additional box, meaning these will have to set up again.

Watching Netflix on both boxes

If you're wanting to access Netflix on both TV boxes, please make sure you have space on your Netflix account for another device. 

Using the TV remote on both boxes

The original remote and remote that came with your multi-room box will work on both boxes. 



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