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Using TalkTalk TV Multiroom

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‎08-11-2021 11:15 AM
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We want to give our TalkTalk TV customers the best TV experience in the market for the best value. To continue this theme, our ever-growing TV experience is looking to welcome TalkTalk TV Multi-room to its arsenal. This exciting change will mean you will be able to watch your TV boost subscriptions in an additional room.


Add multi-room in 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit our dedicated multi-room page
  2. Book your engineer appointment
  3. An engineer will install your multi-room service in a second room of your choice

All our TV Boosts including multi-room TV Boost can be removed on a month by month basis.  If you’ve had multi-room TV set up before and had removed the multi-room TV Boost, you can re-add it again without having any setup costs.

You can add multi-room to your package, however, if you own a Plus box already you are limited to a TalkTalk multi-room TV box rather than an additional Plus box. Two boxes per home are the maximum.   


  Multi-room TV Lite Box Multi-room TV Plus Box
Multi-room TV boost  Free with TalkTalk TV Free with TalkTalk TV
TalkTalk TV Box charge £25 £25
TalkTalk Engineer set up fee £25 £25


Yes, the original remote and remote that comes with your multi-room box will work on both boxes. This also applies if you have opted into the Kids TV boost with the Kids remote.


Multi-room TV allows the viewing of two different Boost channels at the same time. You may find that if you try to watch the same Boost channel on both boxes at the same time, you may experience issues.  This only affects Boost channels and not free-to-air channels (so long as you have an aerial in both boxes).

If you're not trying to watch the same channel concurrently, check that your other box is switched off. It might be playing something even though your TV is off.


For the majority of people, we will offer the multi-room boost allowing you to watch TV around the house. You will need to have an aerial attached to your primary box and multi-room box to access Freeview channels. Whereas you will need an internet connection to watch your TV boosts including Sky channels in multiple rooms. 

Unfortunately, we can only offer it to customers who are on our fibre package over 20Mb as using our standard broadband package will affect your TV experience. To resolve this issue, you can contact us about upgrading your broadband.


Once you opt into multi-room, we will provide you with a set of network adapters ready for engineer install. To access the full set of channels you will also need a second aerial for your box. You can learn how to setup network adapters or ask your engineer upon his visit. 

If for any reason you cannot use network adapters due to different electrical circuits, the engineer will help you with a resolution. 


  • If you're new to TalkTalk we'll send your router by Yodel and your engineer will bring your TV boxes with them on your installation day. You can track your router delivery in My Account or at with your parcel reference number, which you can find in your dispatch confirmation email. 
  • If you're adding TalkTalk multi-room TV to your existing service, your engineer will bring your secondary TV box and other equipment with them on your installation day. 

Yodel deliver Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm, excluding bank holidays.


Will my TV settings carry over to the new box? 

The majority of your TV settings on your current TalkTalk TV box will also be on the new multi-room one. This means that TV purchase pins will be the same on your new box allowing you to buy from More TV or any Pay-Per-View event. Parental locks, however, will not roll over onto your new box, meaning you will have to set these up again on the new box.


Can I watch Netflix on both boxes?

If you are wanting to access Netflix on both devices, please make sure you have space on your Netflix account for another device. 


Can I watch BT sports on both boxes? 

You'll only be able to watch BT sports channels on your primary box. This will most likely be your original TV box or the one in your living room, however can change your primary box within More TV.


Will my TV remote work on both boxes?

Yes, the original remote and remote that comes with your multi-room box will work on both boxes. This also applies if you have opted into the Kids TV boost with the Kids remote.



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