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Returning Equipment after end of contract

First Timer
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I recently ended my contract with talktalk after about 21 months. initial contract period was 18 months.


Today, I received an email to return my equipment or I may be charged £50. I only have talktalk wifi hub and got it when I first signed up with talktalk, and I remember that I could keep it if I don't terminate contract before 18 months.

When I called talktalk to cancel my contract, the support team also confirmed this.

What should I do now? Can you please advise?

I see there are many similar topics in the community 😞




Community Star
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Thanks for posting back, @aghaeifar.


Glad to see that our reading of the situation was correct and you won the argument. 


There shouldn't have to be any argument about it in the first place, though, if TT would only follow its own Ts&Cs. They can't pick and choose which rules to follow!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

First Timer
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Just for those who might come to this topic after search in the community:

after making a complaint & discussing with customer service on many different chats, calls, and days; it looks talktalk accepted that I own the router according to T&C.

Support Team
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I've checked and cant see any pending charges, so I will make sure your don't get charged. 


Sorry for any confusion

Community Star
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@aghaeifar, you are correct in thinking that the first router we are sent is supposed to be ours to keep, according to the Ts&Cs here:



Ever a law into itself, Talktalk sends out the demand for the return of equipment regardless of the particular situation, which would appear to be in breach of it's own terms and conditions. 


It can't have it both ways. I have asked staff many times why TT has not updated their Ts&Cs if they wish to enforce this fine for non returned equipment when it's the first provided, but never had a satisfactory answer.


We'll see what they have to say about this when they return during the week (Monday to Friday)!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.