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Slow broadband getting worse

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Hi there this is getting worse latest speed test

3.1 Mbps

Your average download speed

1.7 Mbps

Your average upload speed

I have changed micro filters and adsl cable since yesterday I have been connected to test port on nte5 master socket so phone not connected. earlier on I managed to get 12 mb but even that is bad been getting slower for past few weeks yesterday 2.5mb that is why I moved router to nte5 test point been through all this years ago connected via home plugs at the moment just bought extra ones to get internet going to test.


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Yes Please @Michelle-TalkTalk at least then we can rule out if it is router problem.

When router arrives should I try in test socket first to see if speed is still the same?

Also will this be HG635 or newer router.


Support Team
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Hi urie57,


Thanks for confirming. As the line test is clear and the router has already been tested at the test socket for 48hrs, would you like us to send a replacement router for testing purposes to rule this out?





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Hi Chris, I'm still connected to test socket have been since saturday phone is not connected at the moment but I did check before I connected to test socket and line was clear.


Normally router is in living room to phone extension run in cat5e, from NTE5 socket I installed that extension years back the last time I had problems and it took almost a year before talktalk sent out BT engineer everything was ok on my side there was a problem on the line when phone rang I would get disconnected from the internet.


So I know the score as reguards to connecting to test socket I have had to run extension cable for power because no power points next to the router in main BT phone socket test socket.


I know everything seems fine your end but not here even router has went from 20mb to 15mb now 13mb don't know if I should switch router off for 30 mins again it just gets worse.

latest speed test with laptop connected via ethernet with home plugs.

Speed test.JPG

router details
even bt check says I should be getting 35 (Mbps) minimal

hopfully you can sort this out Chris


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 Hi urie57,


Line test is clear but sync speed is low. Is your router currently connected to the test socket? 


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service, any noise on the line?



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Forgot to post HG635 router details.

Line Quality


Upstream line rate (kbit/s): 5012
Downstream line rate (kbit/s): 15000
Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.4
Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 8.9
router has been turned off few times over last few weeks for 30 mins to see if that would help it did first time.