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Using own router and modem, ASUS RT-AX58U & tp-link W9970

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So ASUS router (has no modem) and tp-link router used as a modem is the setup I'm looking to achieve.


Talktalk router and the tp-link router can both connect to the internet.


If I put the ASUS in Automatic IP mode rather than PPPOE it will pass on the internet signal from the tp-link via WiFi to whatever is linked to it, however only with tp-link in router mode as when I switch it to bridge mode it doesn't pass on the internet signal to the ASUS.


So I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a similar modemless ASUS router and router in bridge mode and what settings you use.


I see the details of how to use your own router from talktalk but half of the setting it talks about aren't on the ASUS router's software.


Thanks in anticipation