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Ex Virgin customers wishing to retain access to their webmail

Bill Y
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I am an ex customer that has been migrated to Talktalk, Talktalk says that I can keep my email address. As I currently log on to webmail via the  Virginmedia home page I aksed talktalk should I continue to do this and they said yes. Virgin initailly said that I could continue to use my Virgin email for a year which is up at the begining of March.  I am very worried that after then I will no longer be able to access my email.


What experiace has other ex Virgin National customers had or has anyone got any difinative infornation on this.








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Hi, the guidance to staff on the frontline is that if you're unhappy with the situation with your old email service with Virgin that we should advise you to setup a TalkTalk mail account. Obviously we can fully support you with a TalkTalk email account.


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Endorsing the above view.  It seems very much as though nobody has taken charge of this matter.


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So why is there no information on the TalkTalk website or why don't they send an email to those who were transferred, explaining how (and when) this will affect them and what we need to do? They know who we are! 


Im surprised that the content of the Virgin server hosting these emails cannot be transferred to a TalkTalk mail server...


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The official date I've been given is 30th June this year.


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Can you please confirm how long we have?  I was given a date of 15th March, and someone also said June.


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Hi Bill, your email will cease to exist. TalkTalk have no access to Virgin's email servers. You'll need to create a new email address and transfer your contacts and emails that you want to save to the new email.


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Hello Bill and other contributor


I've been trying to find out the answers to these same questions for the last couple of weeks also.  Neither the Virgin nor Talk Talk people don't seem to know anything about this - I was promised that I'd be called back with some information by last Wednesday at the latest, but nothing's happened.


This date of June, is that official?  Is it unreasonable to ask for some information about this?


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When you say that I will lose access, will that just be the inability to log in via the virgin media website?


Will Talk talk continue to store my emails on their server as I believe that they have been doing for some time?





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Hi Bill, I've done some digging and discovered that you'll lose access to your Virgin email address in June this year. Your Virgin email address will then cease to be and you'll need to have an alternative in place by then.

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This is where my troubles began, It was difficult to speak to anyone at Virgin Media, The first attempt was with a rude gentleman who said that Virgin National customers had all been transferred to Talk talk last March and their email were now on Talk talk’s servers,  Now it was nothing to do with Virgin, When asked about support with this move I was informed the if I has sold a car I would not be expected to help the new owner if there was a problem. I tried again and spoke with a more helpful Lady who again informed me that my email was now controlled by Talk talk, when asked about how long I could continue to use by email address she said that I would need to discuss the matter with Talk talk and gave me their number.


Speaking to a lady at Talk talk that I assumed was in a foreign call centre. I was told that I could keep my Virgin email address indefinitely if it was registered with Talk talk and she checked that it was. I explained that I currently access my webmail by logging on via the Virgin Media home page, so what should I do in the future? I was expecting to be told that I would have to obtain access via the Talk talk website, but was told to continue to obtain access via Virgin. I asked if there was an email address for Talk talk customer services that I could obtain confirmation of the situation and to ensure that there was no misunderstanding of the problem. I was told that there was no way to ask a question via email.


The inability to contact Virgin or Talk talk by email is a major problem in obtaining confidence that my predicament is fully understood.


So in desperation I have turned to this forum. As this transfer has effected up to 90,000 ex Virgin National customers  surely there must be some definitive information out there, or others that can shed light on the situation.







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Hi Bill, have you rung Virgin and asked them if they're still going to close your mail account after 12 months?


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It's all very well to suggest changing to another account, but most people transferred from Virgin will have many web based services and accounts registered to their username. It would be unfortunate if these were to suddenly become inaccessible.

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Thanks Fred,


That Is what I will have to do if all else fails, but everyone knows my old email address.


What I am interested to know from ex Virgin migrated customers is what they are doing or going to do to receive their email, Will they be continuing to access then via the virgin login on thier site or have they been told a way to access these emails that are now on talktalks server via the talktalk website?






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Use a non ISP mail address one that won't need changing if you change ISP, such as live mail or gmail.


run both together for a while until March so any friends etc have time to change to new address.


your old ISP - in this case Virgin, have no obligation to keep supplying you with an email service, and as a non paying customer of theirs you also have no support if something goes wrong.