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Netflix crashes YouView box at midnight every night

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Been watching some films on Netflix later in the evening recently and discovered that if they are streaming at midnight (or a minute or two later), the picture freezes and doesn't restart. The box is then completely frozen and the only way to get it going again is to cycle the power. It's happened twice so far. I searched the Internet and discovered that there are others with the same problems stretching back to April this year but there is no posted resolution by the OCE team. It can take about 10 minutes to get the film going again after a cold boot then loading the player etc.


I think this must be the Talktalk box going into a mode where it is checking for new software to download (either main box or players) as suggested in one of the posts above.


Given this is a critical defect (where only a power cycle can restore it), can anyone tell me if/when this is going to be fixed and if the engineers are looking into it?



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You need to check the power settings in system menu, they have a deep sleep function in recent updates, check what time it is set too....

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A few of us have reported this over the past year but no solutions offered. Only solution(?!) that works for me is switch box off  at the back, count to 10, switch it back on and then press the power button on the unit or remote. Pour another glass, or make another hot chocolate, resume the film, and carry on watching!

I'm sure they'll fix it one day, or you watch Netflix on the PC (tablet, mac, .....) that doesn't seem care that you're still up at midnight.




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Hi Karl (OCE)


Sorry to hear that there is no effort to fix this. I suspect the system with box and router would have to be identical to replicate the problem. I am using a WiFi adaptor on my YouView box rather than a cable for convenience so I can  switch to a cable and see if that is the issue. But it works perfectly for all other services so it seems unlikely to be the problem.


I have not tried a full YouView reset because I thought that another poster had tried this but it didn't help. I have a number of custom settings and login details set up so it would be quite a painful process to follow.


I will also try a simple workaround of pausing the playback just before midnight then restarting it again maybe 5 minutes later next time I'm up and watching Netflix at midnight! If that fails then I'll try closing Netfix then restarting it with the same timeframe.


Let me know if I can help with any other tests to help diagnose this issue.





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We have raised this previously and been unable to replicate when testing.  We have confirmed that at that time, no software or other updates are being pushed to the youview box.


Have you tried a full YouView Reset, set the box back up and then retest and see if this continues.