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Problems connecting a device to eero

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‎20-07-2021 01:13 PM
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Your eero uses the latest WiFi 6 technology and any devices you use will need to be compatible. It's possible some of your older devices won't support WiFi 6. If you're unable to connect them, make sure they have the latest software and if still unable to detect your eero network it's likely they do not support WiFi 6 but you can check with your device manufacturer.  

We recommend updating your device's software as soon as possible, and if this doesn't help, setting your eero to Legacy Mode is a good temporary solution for getting your device online.

You may experience slower than normal speeds whilst using Legacy Mode. Once your device has been updated, we recommend you switch Legacy Mode off to get the best out of your network. 

Switch on Legacy Mode

  1. Open your eero app
  2. Tap Settings on the bottom right of your screen
  3. Now select Troubleshooting
  4. Tap My device won't connect
  5. Then choose My device can't detect Wi-Fi 6
  6. Toggle Legacy Mode on
  7. Your device should now be able to connect to your eero network - if you're still unable to connect, there may be an issue with your device and you should try resetting it



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