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Your eero network & light status

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‎13-08-2021 08:00 AM
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You can check the status of your eero network at the top of the Home tab in the eero app. Your network health can be healthy, connecting or unhealthy depending on your Internet connection. 


Status Description
Online The eeros on your network are online and everything is working as it should be. Your app will tell you "Everything looks good".
Connecting The eeros on your network are connecting to the Internet after a reboot, Internet outage or any other scenario where your network was previously offline.
Offline The eeros on your network are offline. Make sure your eero is securely connected to your modem and powered on. 


eero light status 

The front of your eero has a light, when everything is working correctly the light will be solid white. The colour and if it's solid or flashing can mean different things:

Light Colour What is means
No light Your eero doesn't have power
White, Flashing Your eero is starting up & connecting to the internet
White, Solid Your eero is connected
Blue, Flashing Broadcasting bluetooth
Blue, Solid The eero app is connected to your eero and in setup mode
Green, Flashing Multiple eero's are detected
Yellow, Flashing An unapproved power source is being used
Red, Solid Your eero isn't connected to the internet



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