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Digital Voice Adapter

Staying connected  with family, friends and everything in between is super-easy using your internet connection. No more old copper landline and just one socket and zero stress.


connecting the adapter

Here's how to connect your eero and your telephone to the Digital Voice adapter.


Setup guide




Digital Voice status light guide


This table shows the light status
Light Status Description
Power Blinking Digital Voice Adapter is powering up
Solid Digital Voice Adapter is powered on
Internet Solid Connected to your network
Blinking Sending or receiving data
Phone Off Unregistered
Rapid blinking Off the hook or user busy
Slow blinking You’ve got a voicemail


Resetting your Digital voice adapter

If your Digital Voice adapter or router has stopped working, we may ask you to reset it to check everything's working as intended. To do this:

  1. Insert a pin or straightened paper clip into the hole labelled “Reset” on your Digital Voice adapter.
  2. Slightly push and hold it in for up to 20 seconds; or until all the lights, apart from the power light, switch off. Once this happens release the reset button.

Factory reset of the device will take a full 15 minutes and you need to wait until the allotted time has passed for the full factory reset to be completed. After 15 minutes, check your Digital Voice adapter device and try to re-test to check if the issue resolved.