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Welcome to the TalkTalk Community

Our community is packed with helpful information, tips and tricks to get the most from your TalkTalk service and gadgets. We may not have all the answers but there is a very good chance that someone else will.

To get started we suggest you use the search bar above to find the best content, if you don't find the answer you're looking for you can quickly post your question in the community.

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Thanks to our amazing members, our community is a great place to find help. Why not jump right in, say hi or simply hangout.

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Who's who

To help you find your way around we have lots of really knowledgeable members within our community, they are wise and helpful, keep your eyes peeled and you may spot one.

Community Manager

Our Community Manager, Stephen Fell is here to ensure the community keeps ticking over each day whilst delivering improvements and great content to make it easier to use, more informative and generally a great place to be.

Community Stars

Our Stars are customers just like you who give up their own time to offer help and support to members. Every year we review all of our members contributions in the community with a view to inviting new members to join this group.

TalkTalk Team

The team is here to help you find your way around the community and provide you with the best information and answers we have available. Their usernames are prefixed with "OCE_"; Online Community Executives.

Trials Managers

From time to time TalkTalk run trials to test different routers, products etc you may see our trials managers taking part in different discussions and collecting feedback, be sure to say hey if you see them around.

What are...

Say what? Some useful nuggets of information to help you along your way.

Best Answer

You'll find Best Answers throughout the community, these are questions which have been answered by one of our members. You're only able to mark a post as a "Best Answer" on your own questions. If the answer to your question is within one of the replies you should mark it as a "Best Answer" by clicking the button.


This is how we share the love…

Receiving a like from another member of the community is the best feedback, so don’t hold back, give credit where credit is due.

Community Guidelines

To help you get the most from the community and to make sure everyone gets along we’ve pulled together a few guidelines. This helps keep us on track and ensure our community is full of helpful conversation and advice, whilst being a safe, friendly place to hang out.

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