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Help with Phishing emails

Phishing is a scam that uses email to try and trick you into giving out confidential information. They will often use familiar logos and look like they've come from a genuine company or person, but are actually sent by criminals who want to access your online accounts and details.


Some of the common giveaways that you’re dealing with a scammer...

  • Authority: Is the message claiming to be from someone official?
  • Urgency: Are you being told you only have a limited time to respond?
  • Emotion:  Are you expecting to receive a message like this and does it make you feel panicked, curious or hopeful?

If you spot a phishing email claiming to be from us, simply forward it to and we’ll take care of it.




Recent Phishing emails

As we become aware of current phishing scams, we will update the list below so you can see exactly what the scam email looks like. If you use our email platform, Webmail, we've added an email authentication system called DMARC. This confirms they're genuine and have been verified as they come with a padlock in the new padlock column. 

If you've received a phishing email claiming to be from us,  please report it by following the steps in our guide Report a phishing or spam email