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TalkTalk HomeSafe - An Overview

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While we’re all getting stuff done and enjoying ourselves online, we also need to keep our computers, our data and our families safe.

So every TalkTalk broadband customer gets our HomeSafe web filter included for their home network, protecting any device that’s connected. You just activate it and choose your settings in My Account.

What can HomeSafe do? 

Kid Safe

This feature stops kids reaching inappropriate sites – like adult content, social media, gambling or drink and drugs, in the categories you’ve chosen to exclude.

Homework Time

We all know the internet can be quite a distraction. This handy setting lets you restrict the hours the kids can go on social networking or gaming sites.

Virus Alerts

With Virus Alerts switched on, if you’re about to go to a site that’s infected, you’ll get an alert so you can choose whether to carry on.

Scam Protection

We filter websites identified as being misused by scammers. Scam Protection will also switch on "Safe Search" to remove explicit content from your search results.



For useful tips see How to use TalkTalk HomeSafe


What can’t HomeSafe do?

Unfortunately, no web filter can be 100% foolproof, so here are a few examples of things that can happen.

  • Some videos and images that don’t have an accurate description may get through.
  • Mobile apps and VPNs may not be recognised and therefore can’t be blocked.
  • HomeSafe can’t detect viruses hidden in files you receive or download to your computer – but you can use SuperSafe to do this.
  • HomeSafe uses TalkTalk DNS servers to operate our filters. They can’t do their job if you’re using a third party DNS server (like OpenDNS or GoogleDNS).


HomeSafe and SuperSafe. What’s the difference?

Security features can be a bit confusing. HomeSafe and SuperSafe are two separate tools that fight threats in different areas, and we always recommend you use them together for the best security.


HomeSafe is a family-friendly web filter for your home Wi-Fi, blocking inappropriate content (KidSafe), as well as sites that could harbour malware (Virus Alerts), for any device that’s connecting to it. It’s free, there’s nothing to download, and you just activate it in My Account.

SuperSafe protects a specific device wherever it’s online, fighting viruses that try to infect your devices and securing your banking and shopping. It’s software you download onto any mobile tablet or computer. 


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