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Your first 14 days of broadband

On your go-live date, we'll connect your line to your new TalkTalk services and send you an email to let you know when everything’s up and running. You can check your go-live date in your welcome pack or My Account.

We can only activate your services once our engineers have completed all their work at the exchange. Sometimes this takes a little longer than anticipated, so don't panic if you can't get online straight away.

When your line first goes live it goes through a stabilisation period, where we monitor and tweak your speed for around 14 days using our Dynamic Line Management system. We do this to make sure you're getting a stable broadband connection and it's normal to get varying speeds or occasional drops in your connection during this time.

We ask that you please bear with us and keep your router switched on at all times; this helps us gather important data about your line so we can give you the best service possible.


Go Live

We'll set up your services and let you know when everything's up and running.


We'll monitor and adjust your speed to make sure you get a stable connection.


We'll choose the best settings for your line so you can enjoy reliable broadband.




Still need help?

We have a reduced support team available at the moment, which means the wait times to speak to us may be longer than usual. Why not manage your account or get help with your services online using one of the below options

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Service ​Centre

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