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Automatic Compensation following loss of service not received

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On the 25th March I reported to TalkTalk that my telephone line had gone down two days later my broadband also went off, following an investigation by Openreach it was revealed that a dig was needed to repair the fault. The fault was finally repaired and my services were restored on 14th April I was without my telephone line for a total of 21 days and my broadband was off for 19 days.


During that time your Customer service advised me to sign up for a new contract and change my service to fibre 35 so that I could get a new TalkTalk tV box the new service was due to begin on 5th April but obviously due to the cable problem the service was not working on the proposed start date.


It now been nearly 2 months since the fault was resolved but I am unable to see any compensation credit on my account. Please can you tell me why this is?


Support Team
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Hi @ajmay


I have asked the auto compensation team to look into this. 


Once they have completed their investigation you will receive an SMS/Email 




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Thank you @Divsec I look forward to hearing from them.


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@ajmay unfortunately I cannot but your post has been escalated and the team here will be able to investigate for you. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.